Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 4 (8)

Part 4: The Spring Sunshine is Warm (8)

The night air smelled like grass, and it was refreshing and clear. Lake Sheldon, which reflects the moon and stars in the starry sky like a mirror, is so beautiful that it is an exceptional sight.

It was so bright that no lanterns were needed thanks to the moon, which floated in the night sky like black silk.

Sitting alone on a small carving boat, Erin stared up at the sky. The sound of grass worms and gentle waves all over the place seemed to make her feel better.

When she glanced back, Mary, who she made to wait when she said she would sail alone, stood at the foot of the boat, watched and looked. Erin, who gave her a big wave of hands to stop worrying in a thoughtless manner, took her breath with reverence.


Trying to call out the name in a small voice, somehow her heart pounded. It’s a natural name, but why does it feel like an unrequited love now?

When she think of Lex, his cold, cold face is more reminiscent of her days. He looked angry, twitching his eyebrows, and the Duke’s eyes were as if he was angry. 

Erin, who knew his habit of coming out when he was in a bad mood, struggled to resist touching his eyebrows.

Suddenly, even though she knew it was obvious, whenever the gap between him and Lex reached a great deal, she felt embarrassed, sad and vague.

It was then too. It was only hair that was cut, but she had to feel a sharp pain in his behavior that he would never do if he was Lex. The Duke with the sword did cut a hair, but because swung it relentlessly as if it were a nuisance. It may be an exaggeration, but what he wanted to cut out seemed to be her relationship.

To the Duke, she seemed to be a being that made him cumbersome and annoyed. And that was actually what it was.

 Yes, Lex is only part of the Duke, no matter how beautiful he is. Like the real moon in the sky and the moon in the lake, no matter how much she wants Lex is a magical “illusion.”

I know, I know. I’ll do anything I can to stay with him. Please just tell me how.

Erin, whose heart was so pierced with her conscience, sniffed and looked at the cold-looking lake.

[Wish upon the full moon on the seventeenth. With reverence, sing the loves name and breathes into the moon projected into the lake.]

She recalled the passage from the book. And she imagined a ban on going out that might last a lifetime, and she couldn’t.

“But you know what, Your Grace? I don’t have a place to go, even if I’m not grounded.”

Toward the moon reflected in the lake, she muttered to herself, picked up the ship’s railings and bowed her waist. When she dipped her fingertips into the water, it was  ice-cold.

“Rowan Alexei Peruka.”

As she quietly recited his name, she shook hand as loudly as the round moon, which had been crisscrossed, answered the current created by the sculptor. She leaned deeply and blew a hearty breath into the projected moon. And as she was about to raise herself, the twinkling, mirror-reflected moonlight pierced her eyes.

As if the projected moon was getting bigger and bigger as if it were emerging through the water at a moment, Erin rubbed her eyes hard, questioning her eyes.

It was then. There was a violent wind. Like a breath of witch’s fire, the wind shook the small boat mercilessly.


She desperately grabbed the railing and leaned on the inside of the boat, but it was too late. The wind shook her as if the boat had flipped over, and she was thrown into the lake. 



Erin, who cannot swim, sank under the water with a whimper. The icy water swallowed her, and the invisible darkness encroached on her consciousness.


Terrified, she was swallowed up by the water, unable to finish his name out of fear. It was a long time ago that the lake that was as beautiful as a dream, became a nightmare.


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