Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 4 (7)

Part 4: The Spring Sunshine is Warm (7)

Erin fingered the tip of her severed hair, stared at the wall and muzzled her mouth to herself.

“I’m fine, Your Grace. Although you cut my hair with a sword, You didn’t mean to cut my throat like before.”

“I knew it was okay, so why don’t you shut up now?”

Rowan stared fiercely at the table, telling her to stop, but she hardly stopped talking. But she didn’t even look at him, sitting up looking at the wall.

It seemed to be a protest of its own.

“Surely, I don’t think my hair is such a treasure.”

“You look like you’ve lost your face for that. I thought I cut somewhere else by mistake.”

“At first, I was just afraid that you were holding a sword, but later I just felt a little sad.”


“You look so natural pointing a sword at me. It’s okay. I’m used to it now.”

Of course, Rowan didn’t mean to go that far either.

At first he was just trying to make sure he didn’t hit all her hair. But it was definitely his mistake to get close to her.

As soon as Erin found out that she was okay, her arms began to strain. He couldn’t think straight because all his attention was focused on the soft body that had a sweet body. It felt like he was possessed by something.

Frustrated by a tense warning, Rowan instinctively swung a dagger to get her off. He belatedly realized that He could cut his buttons or take off his clothes, but it was too late. Her hair had already been cut clean with the sound of frost.

When he saw her hair strewn through the air, he heard Erin’s screams and opened his eyes at the same time, and he thought magic was in motion again.

However, the magic did not take place, and only Erin’s expression, which looked at her hair, clearly came into his eyes, as she stood tired  and scattered on the floor.

“I don’t think she used that look when he used a sword to strangle her.’

Afterwards, Erin was not seen in the greenhouse all day, and surprisingly came to the office first. She was sitting on the couch all the time, gazing at the wall, and she was doing it as well as she is now.

“Thank you for keeping my promise to not hurt me. If I keep my head in the future, I’ll be able to live long, persistent life.”

Well, Rowan moaned low and closed his eyes.

She was glad he saved her so far, she shouldn’t say cocky but her mouth didn’t drop strangely. It was strange that she didn’t meet his eyes until the end.

She shrugged as Rowan got up from his seat.

When he approached, he pretended to be casual, sighing and surrendering to her back. 

“I got it. I got it. What can I do for you?”


Taking a break for a moment, she slowly turned and made eye contact with him. Seeing her eyes twinkling with joy, Rowan felt her strength loosening in her shoulders. He shook his head from side to side, struggling selflessly.

“I don’t know if you’re doing this because you want to, but if you ask for something that’s ridiculous, it’s not– “

“It’s simple! You can release the ban on going out only one day today! “

Doubtful of what she said, Loan stopped moving and squinted his eyes. That’s all? Besides, today’s the day, now it was in the middle of the sky.

“Why today?”

“It’s a full moon today.”

“A full moon? Then you mean you’re going out at night?”



“I’m going to take a look at the full moon in Lake Shaden. I heard that the night scene is very beautiful.”

Lake Shaden was a long way from castle to carriage. Rowan again rubbed the back of his neck, asking in a low voice.

“Didn’t you even think at all about why I put a ban on your outings?”

“I’ll be careful not to be seen.”

“That’s not the problem.”


When he saw her staring at him as if she really didn’t know, Rowan was stunned.


He turned to the paper he had been looking at. But Erin, who ran to the front of the desk, asked with her hands together.

“Did you listen?”

 “What are you trying to do alone in the middle of the night?”

“I’m not going alone. I told Mary and James. Of course, I’d like go if you’d like me to.”

“I’m sure you did. Go during the day if you want to go away.”

As he shook his head resolutely, Erin, who had died on the grass, looked back at the wall. 

I’d rather used herd to the end, this girl. He stared at her drooping shoulder, but he pulled her up without realizing it.

“Wait a minute.”

“Yes? “

“Three hours. Not more than that. “

“Yes, that’s enough! “Thank you! “

With anticipation and eye contact with him, she gave a hard-earned smile, smiling broadly. Looking at her overjoyed back, Rowan had to feel a strange sense of defeat.

It was a mistake. Somehow, with her, he felt like he was playing chess set  with a winner. Of course the winner wasn’t him.


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