Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 4 (6)

Part 4: The Spring Sunshine is Warm (6)

The Duke’s face turned nasty at once as she argued against it. Erin, who had been looking at his face, quickly stepped back.

The Duke opened his eyes and warned low.

“My, what am I doing?”

“Don’t do it.”

“Don’t pretend to be so scared of me.”

“But you don’t like me.”

“So? Did I hit you? If you’re so scared, don’t talk back.”

As the Duke’s face hardened as if he had been insulted no more, Erin bit his lips for a moment. It’s fortunate that he doesn’t get angry at her words, but she was embarrassed to be so cold-faced and scared for him being angry at her for being scared.

But in fact, after the promise, the duke had never touched her. It seemed like he was worried about her who just hit her head. Still, he did not deny that he didn’t like her.

“It’s a little low. Come on. Lex never gets angry at me – oh!”

Erin, who was unconscious and thick-headed, touched the bump and screamed lowly. The Duke looked back and held her arm back.

“Hey, I don’t think you’re all right?”

“It’s okay. I just had a bump.”

When she pulled her hand out of a daze and tried to stand back, the Duke grabbed her back and pulled her. While Erin, who suddenly fell into his arms, faltered, the Duke took hold of her back with the other hand.

“Stay still.”

Surprised, she stammered as the Duke struggled through her curly hair.

The Duke’s breath felt too close above her head. Besides, it was Lex’s body. Erin, who had leaned her head against his arms, screamed when she felt a sharp pain in her head.

“Oh, it hurts!”

The Duke, however, did not care, continued to groped her bump.

“Don’t move because I have to look at it carefully. Well, I don’t think it’s torn, but it’s pretty big.”

“You’re hurting me more than the bump right now.”


The Duke, who had been pushing her for a long time, tried to let her go, but stopped moving.

With her hair pulled hard, Erin screamed and wrapped her head around, but he did not let go.

The Duke held his arm over her head a few times and stopped all of it, then you spoke of curses.

“Oh, shit.”

“Why, why? Did you hurt me a lot?”

“I can’t get my hands off.”


“The sleeve button is tangled.”

Are the buttons entangled? Every time the Duke moved his arm, her hair was pulled and sore, and the buttons on her hair were firmly tangled. Erin panicked and opened her eyes to the Duke’s actions, pulling her back and peeking closely.

Then Mary’s voice came.

“Your Grace, Madam. The tea you mentioned is ready-eggina! I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”

Mary, who was bringing a tray through the open door, saw the two and hurried to apologize. Seeing how she looked, she was full of misunderstanding. Erin was standing up to him, raising her head to him, and the Duke was in a position of hugging her closely. It’s like his about to kiss her.

Mary, we’re not trying to do that beautiful thing!

When she saw Mary, whose face was red with a sideways glance, hurriedly shut the door and Erin’s face flushed up again. She looked up at him in embarrassment and found him so close that she could feel his breath.

The duke, surprised by a person’s appearance, stared at her as she fumbled about her hair. As soon as his eyes met her, he clenched his ill-feeling mood and spat out.

“Damn, i’m tangled firmly.”

“Can you do it a little bit?”

“Do you think I’m doing this because I like it?”

“It’s not my fault at all.”

He gazed down at Erin, with his eyes down, smacked her richly fluffy hair with his other unflattering hand.

“The hair is very stubborn like it’s owner.”

“It’s a blasphemy! “

“And what is the personality of my arm that has been stripped of its freedom? “

“My hair is overlaid? “

“Every time you pull in everything. Hold still. It’s more tangled if you struggle. “

The Duke, who was trying to wriggle his arms in all directions, pushed her forehead hard. This drew her hair and the Duke who stopped, screaming fiercely.

“I’m going to have to cut it. “

“No! “

“And how long will you be like this? It’s too thick even if you cut it down a bit it won’t be noticeable anyway. “

“Then I’ll cut it!”

“How do you cut it when you can’t even see it?”

When Erin screamed, the Duke quietly pulled something out of the hustle and after. The dagger was shimmering silver.

When the Duke pointed the dagger at her, the eerie chill air turned, and when she saw his expression, it felt as if he was going to cut his hair, not her hair.

The Duke pressed Erin’s frightened shoulder and swung the sword relentlessly.

The sword cast forth its silver color and divided the air.

“Boom, aah, aah, aah-“

Erin’s shrill scream rang sharply in the room.


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