Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 4 (5)

Part 4: The Spring Sunshine is Warm (5)

As the door closed, Erin shrugged and muttered.

“You’re really bad at acting.”

“What’s going on?”

When asked by the Duke who had completely ignored her beating, Erin carefully drew up her words.

“I have a favor to ask of you.”


“Well, if you’ll let me go for one day tomorrow, I’ll never–“


But even before here words were finished, the Duke clearly denied.

“Just for a day.”

As impatient as she held her index finger in her other hand, the Duke squinted his eyes.

“What’s the point of banning people from going out if you give them permission whenever they want?”

“But it’s very important.”

“What is that.”

She couldn’t say she wanted to try the magic on the book before the Duke’s cold face. Erin hesitated, and the Duke struck a snout note. He mimicked her, opened his index finger and waved it before his eyes.

“You must stay calm for a day.”


“Just for one day.”

Wow, she hate it. When the Duke deliberately smiled pretentiously, he stood up, and Erin was speechless. As she opened her mouth, the Duke who wiped his expression spread his voice and threatened her.

“Hey let’s bet. If you go outside after coaxing your Lex, you won’t be able to make a step out of the Castle forever.”


“Answer. “

“… … Yeah.”

Erin, who gave a reluctant answer to him, had to leave the office after being pushed out by the duke who opened the door by his own hand.

Her eyes met Lawrence, who was waiting outside the door, and she forced herself to smile and return to her room.

‘It’s terrible. I don’t know when the full moon of the next 17th will come.’

Feeling sorry, Erin walked around the room alone and finally gave up, shaking her head. The Duke could not have been more obnoxious here.

But when her mind was hardly at ease, she took out what she had secretly stolen. The room was already spotlessly clean, but she needed work to improve the mind. Previously, she used to clean in the garden, but since the thorn were stabbed in his hand and Lex was hit on the spot, the maids have been under strict surveillance, and now it’s too much.

Erin was wiping the table in her bedroom and began to wipe the lower sides and legs, which were usually out of the reach of the maids. The dust on the duster made it feel more catharsis.

Bending under the table and wiping every nook and cranny, she fell on her knees on the carpet and began to wipe the inner wall against the table. It was a mistake that she couldn’t hear the knock while she was concentrating on mopping while messing up her hair.

Quickly, when the door opened, Erin was just scrubbing under the table half way done and in a crawling position.


When she heard the low voice of the Duke, she threw herself up in a fit of surprise and hit her head hard on the table.



Her eyes screamed in pain, and she sat down, and the Duke, with only his legs visible, could be seen coming. Feeling so embarrassed that she was instantly sick, she threw the rag away and hid her head inside and hiding further inside.

Crouching in the corner, she rubbed the bump, and to make matters worse, the hairpin she tied up was released. Ugh, she let out a troubled groan, and he came up to the front of the table and asked.

“What are you doing there? Are you all right?”

“…Oh, it’s okay. Why, what’s going on?”

“There’s been a lot of noise, but come out first.”

“Oh, I’m fine, so you can talk to me there.”

The Duke leaned over the table and looked under the table. Her eyes met with a look of bewilderment, and Erin couldn’t go out any more.

“What are you doing there? When I say good words.”

“It still doesn’t sound like a good word.”

As she struggled more to recover her hair that stretched out all over the place in search of freedom, the Duke snarled to the pit on her forehead.

“Is it time to play horse?”

“Embarrassing bottom!”

“Over time, it would be more embarrassing to be like that.”

Her head hurts, her hair is sporadic, and she is embarrassed. She groaned as she looked up at him between the legs of the table, hoping to hide in a rat hole.

“Can you just pretend you don’t know me? “

“There was a crash. Didn’t you hit it hard? “

“Boo, you’re right, but first of all, I’m didn’t broke anything.”

“Come out before I drag you out. Right now. “

Oh, that’s too much. As he stretched out his long arm to her, as he threatened, Erin crawled out with new red face. As soon as she pulled her head under the table, the Duke stepped back and grabbed her arm.

Holding Erin on one hand, the duke glanced quickly over its sprinkled messy head and red face.

“I don’t even know if your face was red or bleeding.”

“I’m fine.”

Avoiding his eyes, she stared back over his shoulder. Then again, the Duke, who looked closely at her, slowly released his arm and kicked his tongue.

“What the hell did you do down there?”

“Cher……Clean up a bit……”

“Clean up. I’m sure I told you to keep your frame as the Duchess.”

“It’s just cleaning. And I was doing it without anyone knowing.”

Erin slipped the mop under her feet and plucked it under the table and turned.

“And what’s going on? “

“Tell me why.”


“Where are you going tomorrow?”

Now it appears that the Duke was wearing a black riding suit and holding a horse-whip in his other hand. When Erin pursed her lips, he put down his horse-whip on the table and breathed a long sigh, as if to see.

She grumbled, trying to grasp the sense of getting away from shame.

“I’d love it. Enjoy the air outside the castle.”

“Just answer back.”

“I’m a little bit uncomfortable. In fact the accident went down, why do I have to be punished alone? That’s why you did not find a lark in front of people.”


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