Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 4 (4)

Part 4: The Spring Sunshine is Warm (4)

“……do you mean a cat can live for 20 years?”

Erin, who was turning the pages of the book, momentarily doubted her eyes.

Burn the cat’s fur and the female mantis’ antennae, apply the ashes to the crown and navel-

She quickly covered the book that had been turned over. Old and stained with a lot of old hands look somehow mysterious, she expected a lot, but the content was not suppressed.

[Magic to make a wish come true]

The book contained only absurd and very difficult ways that this kind of hard work would impress the heavens.

Of course, it was her secret that she had been grumbling, but as the book suggested, she had to catch the ladybug and escape the eyes of the people who had wandered through the grass of the garden. For that reason, when she think of the leaves on her head, her face still felt hot. 

“The magic of revenge. The 100-year-old cactus thorns and the hind legs of the widow spider, who had just eaten the male, are dried then drink the heated water for a hundred days.”

At this point, she was desperate to make fun of people who were buying these books, but she was eagerly looking for what could happen if her wishes were to came true.

She knew it was stupid of me to rely on such fairy tales.But there’s nothing she can do with her power, and if she doesn’t do anything, she can’t sit still because she’s anxious.

‘He told her she didn’t deserve to sit in this position.’

The Duke’s cold words pierced her heart deeply. It was all the more painful for her to say it was not wrong at all.

The same face, the same voice, and the same person, but the temperature and speech of his eyes were different, so she felt abandoned by him. The amount of time that magic is invoked has decreased significantly, and at this rate, Lex may not be able to return. Then where should she go when she was only dependent on Lex on this castle? Where does the time and memories that she loved with him disappear? A vague feeling of being left alone in the field of vanity tightened her every minute.

Erin had a severe throbbing pain and pressed her hand gently on her chest. Hot tears rolled in her eyes.

After a long, deep breath, she rummaged through a book, and there was a chapter called How Love Is Made.

[Wish upon seeing the full moon reflected in a lake or river. Shout out the name of the love one with a sincere heart-(omitted)]

“Must be a full moon on the 17th?”

Love is coming, my eyes are wide open. It was a very tempting magic in time.  Erin, who was curious and calculated the date, even though he knew it was ridiculous, clapped his hands.

‘This 17th day is a full moon, right?! But I can’t go outside until the ban is lifted.’

After a moment of contemplation, Erin pushed the chair and rose from her seat. 


An assistant Lawrence, who was waiting in front of the office, found her and was very pleased. He was so welcoming that it meant that the Duke’s moods were not right, but if it was Lex, it was possible for her to change his mood, but now she was in a position to overlook it.

“I have something to say to the Duke, if you can please do it for me-“

Erin, who was embarrassed, hesitantly tricked Lawrence. Then the door was opened.

“What’s going on?”

The eyes of the Duke, looking over her and Lawrence alternately with arms folded, were never beautiful. Erin inadvertently stepped back in disappointment, and at such a sight of her Lawrence gave her a puzzled look.

‘Oh, you shouldn’t be making a different action with that of Lex in front of others.’

A glimpse of Lawrence’s glance, Erin cough in her throat and sang in the guise of a sweet voice.

“I, no, have something to say.”

When the peacock frowned, she gave Lawrence a glance. 

He told her why, grumbling with only the shape of his mouth, the Duke grabbed her wrist and dragged her inside, bluntly cutting. 

“What made you fly all the way here. Oh, my Little Songbird.”

It seemed more sweet to read the book aloud, because of the strong feeling of anger. 


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