Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 4 (2)

Part 4: The Spring Sunshine is Warm (2)

Rowan squinted at one of the six doors of the tightly closed library.

What are you doing here? 

If you are suspicious, you just check directly. Rowan opened the door because he was dissatisfied with a small woman.

As he strode inside, Erin, who was reading at the table in the middle of the library, got up from her seat with a startled look.


As he strode up and stopped without an answer, her eyes drooped helplessly. He already have seen that look several times, but the more he look at it, the worse he feel.

Rowan grimaced and stared unsatisfactorily, she hesitated and asked.

“If you have any business, would you like me to take my leave?”

“I just have something to look for.”

He looked around the study and picked up any book from within his reach. Looking back, Erin sat down again, reading the open book on the table.

“You’re reading another shitty book?’

Rowan sat across from her, glancing at the books piled up on the table. Erin, surprised by his meddling, opened her eyes and looked back as he opened the book.

[Cow mating law]

If you want to choose a book like this. Rowan, who opened the book with an eye on her, picked up another book with an impression. However, the title of the next book was less favorable.

[ Spreading Seeds: Larks Singing that brings Spring]

Displeased, she tried to cover the book.

“Your Grace, I have something to tell you.”

Even though there was only the two of them in the spacious library, she leaned over and whispered her neck.

“Can I put my books in the library? The books are getting filed up and I don’t have enough room to store them. Books that are not supposed to be seen by others.”

It’s no big deal. Why are you talking like it’s classified?

Rowan, who leaned over to hear her small voice, frowned upon hearing her. Her warm breath tickled his ears, and his body was energized by her. Then she followed him equally frowning, as if she were copying him.

“It’s not a book that you hate. It’s a book of magic, a magic book.”

“Do you still need to ask about that? “

When Rowan snapped out, Erin nodded sullenly, thinking she had been rejected at once. He scratched his ears, adding as if he still felt as though her breath had touched his ears.

“Whatever the process, now you’re the hostess of this castle. It means that you don’t ask for it, but you just needs to use it as you like.” 

“Thank you.”

Erin opened her eyes in a circle as if she were surprised, and smiled.

‘It’s something so obvious, why is she so happy?’

Rowan, who could not relentlessly take his gaze away from her round, smiling eyes, suddenly recalled what she had said in the market.

“The castle is the space of the Lord.”

Ha, yes, right? Rowan recalled that the woman did nothing for the position of the Duchess but did everything she can for Lex.

Tak, he hit the table hard and looked up. Erin gazed up.

“From next month, you will be in charge of the finances of the duke’s castle.”


“It was originally your job.”

“But the butler has done the job so well-” 

“It’s a nasty thief to pass things on to others. I can’t accept it.”


“A reply.”

“Yes, I know. I’ll try to learn well.”

When Erin answered, Rowan sat down with his arms crossed and looked up and down with her sarcastically. Without a single trinket, her smiling and simple outfit was untimely irritating.

“And if you’re a duchess, you’re going to have a luxury like a duchess.”


“Unconditionally, spend more than three hundred gold coins a month and report to me.”

“Three, three hundred?”

“Why, a lot? Then two hundred.”


“A hundred?”

Erin’s face blushed as Rowan mimicked her tone of begging for three gold coins at the market.

“When you pay me back what you owe me this month, all you have to do is use 297 gold coins.”

“But I have too much gold for my self.”

“The right is also a duty. If I do not defend my rights, I do not deserve to be in place.”

“Is it right to spend money?”

“At least it makes sense than a woman named The Duchess doesn’t have the money to buy a book or a place to store her books.”

At the moment of his bitter words, her green eyes instantly darkened into the turquoise, shaking like a candle in front of the wind.

The color of her eyes seemed to change from time to time, depending on her feelings. In fact, the blue-green eyes glistened especially like transparent emerald, which has a high purity when wet.

“…Your Grace? “

It wasn’t until he heard Erin called out that Rowan realized he was gazing into her eyes.

As an awkward silence passed between the tables, the vain Roan got up from his seat to come back to his office. But when she asked him, he stopped, leaving an impression.

“Are you going now?”

He was about to go to the door instead of answering, but turned and picked up a book from a nearby bookcase. Then he shook the book in a grumpy way before Erin’s eyes.

“Oh, you’re looking at another book. “

Her eyes drooped, murmuring little and turning to her book.

Why am I dragging my feet here when I’m busy?

Roan, who was trying to sit down with his head tap, catches something on Erin’s head. He noticed that the little leaves were attached between her squirming brunette hair. 

What did you do with the leaves on your head-

After reaching out reflexively to take off the leaves, stopped his action. His act of trying to reach her for granted was very low, but her hair was rude at his fingertips, and his heart ran fast with her sweet smell.

Fucking, swearing inwardly, he came back to sit down, but could not take his eyes off the leaf that stood out once.

Every time she looked at her book and shook her head, the leaves trembled as if laughing at him.


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