Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 4 (16)

Part 4: The Spring Sunshine is Warm (16)

It was Cain Savahn. As usual, in a free-spirited outfit, he looked down at her and smiled politely. The curtains were draped over and he shrugged as he gazed at the puzzled Erin, how did he find out when she have the veil over her face?

“I like taro reading better than I look. It’s the basic quality of a magician. My wish to see you today has been fulfilled, so isn’t my talent as a magician great?”

“You wanted to meet me?”

“Yes, I did. You were supposed to be my hobby friend last time.”

She studied his expression thoroughly. What happened at the ball and what seemed to him to be a welcome sight, with no mention of her status at all still unknown. But since we’ve already seen a lot of things that we can’t see, today’s meeting was very good .

Erin bowed politely and took his words.   

“Thanks to you, I now know this interesting place.”

“Frequently find me, there are so many rare and good books here.”

“Is this where you’re usually looking?”

“It’s my favorite shop. I’ve had a lot of friends here. You’ve come at the right time.I’d like to introduce you to someone.This is my friend who is very difficult to invite.”

When Erin stared at him instead of answering, he bent down, pointed at the table and leaned on the table.

“Madam is an expert on taro and magic.”

In the antique little room, a middle-aged woman with a scarf around her head sat at the table. The green eyes were very exotic, with red curly hair and close to a light green.

She stood up from her seat to greet Erin with a unique bow that she had never seen before, with her hands folded to her chest and her waist bent.

“You’re very precious. Nice to meet you. I’m Juliana.”

“Nice to meet you. I’m Erin.”

Erin, who raised the veil, paid a silent tribute, and Juliana stared at her. Juliana, with a faint smile on her face, sat down first, pointing to the chair opposite her.

“I’ll give you a fortune telling as a celebration of how we met.”

“Yes? Is this a point?”

Erin was surprised and asked, and Cain who is standing in the back. It added.

“Madam must have liked you. She want to have a read at your fortune.”

“Is it?”

“Then I’ll leave you alone.You two can talk.”

Before Erin could answer anything, he took a bow and left the room.

With only the two remaining, Juliana was able to play her hands well, quickly mixing the tarot cards with the fingers on them and then showing them. The pattern with petals on the back was a unique card.

Even though it’s unusual, she remember about her mother when she saw a ripe tarot card somewhere. While Erin couldn’t take her eyes off the card, Juliana spread the card on the table and said.

“Think of what you’re most concerned about right now, and take three cards.”  

Erin looked at the fan-shaped card as if they were holed up, and she picked three cards, thinking of the Duke in her heart. 

Juliana slowly turned over in the order in which she pointed.

The first card was a picture of a skeleton knight on a horse pointing a sword at the king lying on the floor.

The second is a young man falling from a falling tower.

The last was the card of the goddess wearing the laurel, who was trapped inside the serpent’s belt.

Mm. Juliana, made a low-pitched sound, looked closely at the Skull Knight card. Erin, a card with an ominous feeling, she also became serious and stared at the card.

“This is a ‘Death’ card. It heralds death and the end.”

“That’s not good, then?”

“Death is not necessarily bad.It also heralds a new birth.”

Juliana stared at her anxiously looking at the card again. Soon, she put her chin on the back of her hands and laughed in a voice.

“In fact, I don’t know. I can’t read cards because my specialty is not tarot.”

“Yes? But Count Cain-“

At the unexpected remark, Erin raised her head. Juliana, who faced her eyes, took the card away, mixed it and shrugged.

“I’m good at what people want to hear. Look at the pictures and read their faces in response. It’s quite different from the tarot, but he’s just misunderstanding it. “

You don’t know the tarot? As Er was surprised and blinked, Juliana lifted her index finger and drew a pattern in the air.


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