Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 4 (15)

Part 4: The Spring Sunshine is Warm (15)

She has been dressed up and circling the downtown storefront since morning, but Erin still hasn’t found a place to spend her money.

“Madam, is it that hard to buy a dress or jewelry?”

Mary, who was struggling from the side, asked with a strange look.

 “How many houses shall I buy?”


“Or would I rather buy the whole market?”

Mary hesitated and advised Erin, who stood tall in the middle of the road and pointing her finger anywhere.

“Maybe he didn’t mean to spend all that money.He’s a very rich man, but he’s never a spendthrift.”

“So? Why did he give me this so much money?”

“You don’t spend money for yourself so maybe my Lord is trying to make you spend some money for your own in his own way?”

He never said that. Erin couldn’t speak to his intimidation, which sounded cruel enough, and the flower touched only the hem of the dress. 

“Madam, you can’t punish me for being rude, but I have to tell you.”

Mary, with a determined look on her face, said in a determined tone of voice to her, as she bent her waist.

“My Lady was like a person living in another’s house.”


“Use only what you need, and you don’t ask for anything. Everything in the castle seemed to be borrowed, even though it belongs to you. I think there is a degree of care.”

While staring at Mary with wide open eyes, Erin snorted with a red face.

Is it that obvious? Mary’s expression was so distressing that i was worried about this, she was a naughty master. In the meantime you’ve been selfish. 

She hesitated, and reached out a handful of gold coins from her pocket.

“Now, this is a fee for advice.I can’t buy a sincere advice even if I pay for it, but I’m doomed”

“I mean it, madam.”

“I’ll use the money where I want to spend it. Isn’t this what you mean?”

“I think it’s a little different.”

“I’m the only one in the world who is forced to spend money.”

“It’s a happy worry that others will want to do. I envy you.”

Mary murmured even though she eventually refused gold coins as an excuse for modesty. Er’s realized one more thing than that.

No matter how simple you lived, you can spend as much as you want to spend. But in the tone of the duke that forced luxury, it felt like testing her. So no matter what she wants to buy, what she thinks, her head is complicated and hesitant, but Mary’s words made it rather simple.

Yes, if you have to spend money on this, buy what you want. There was only one thing she wanted, that came to mind right now.

Unexpectedly, the bookstore was located in the middle of the city. The first floor has a loss of quality, and the second floor bookstore has an air of luxury salons rather than a rare book store.

Erin stood at the entrance and looked back and forth over the business cards he had received from Count Cain. On a white background, the shop’s name was blandly written in red.

[Witch’s Treasure Box]

‘There’s a bookstore like this.’

As she entered, the bell on the door rang out. Inside, the rooms are lined with long corridors and antique curtains are cast on each table in the hall, creating a mysterious atmosphere.

Erin sat down in the corner, walking with veil. A young woman in uniform like a nobleman’s servant came out and explained politely.

“We don’t store things ourselves. Please specify a genre and I’ll bring the appropriate list. If you like, we guarantee anonymity thoroughly.”

Erin looked around. No matter how much she look at it, it’s different from the usual bookstores, so she was intrigued. 

“How do you guarantee anonymity?”

She lowered her voice and asked carefully, and the waitress smiled.

“I’ll show you to your private room when you pay the commission.”

While she was admiring a little, the waitress brought her a long list of genres. It was a detailed and extensive list. There were also books in one or another area that seemed to require anonymity.

‘It’s expensive, isn’t it? There was a new world of luxury here! ‘

As Erin read with excitement, looking at the amount on the list, happy for them to be expensive, when someone tap her table.

“Somehow, i’m excited this morning, so I’m going to meet the lady like this.”


“Are you sure you don’t believe in coincidence? I think I’ve run into my lady more than three times already.”


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