Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 4 (14)

Part 4: The Spring Sunshine is Warm (14)

‘How much money do you spend on aristocratic luxury?’

She had lived a very simple life since she was a child, and she never dreamed of having this problem. The ban was lifted, but it seemed to blow her brains out over how to get rid of the checkbook she received.

It was only now that she could see why the legislative or the other knights were so difficult. The duke was much more talented to ironically and mentally oppress the opponent than to bang himself directly.

In keeping with the demanding conditions he demanded,  Erin was overwhelmed enough to have even two bodies. The path of the being a duchess was far from over.

‘If you’re good at it, once you get used to it, let’s work hard!’

Erin picked up a carriage that had designs of the Duchess’s family and headed to Merald’s merchant country. Seeing her attire not dressed as a commoner for the first time, the employees in her country treated her very politely and kindly.

“Please change this amount to gold coins.”

As she awkwardly signed the checkbook with the Duchess’s pattern, a huge bag of gold coins piled up in front of her.

“I want to invest all this money, so please recommend it.”

The young employee, who glinted at her words, began to explain. Her mind soon became confused by the complex terminology that sounded like the language of another continent. 

In the end, half of what the employee said, she decided to invest in the most popular stocks from his words.

But when she returned home with ease, the Duke betrayed her expectations and spoke coldly.

“You’ve invested all my money in the merchant country.You’re sure you can spend all that money when the principal is multiplied?”

“What? Why?”

“I’m sure you don’t know the merchant is mine.”


“I’m definitely telling you to write for yourself, not to turn to me in this way.”

Looking at her in tears, she raised her mouth as if the Duke was happy and said hurtfully.

“I’ll give you one more  day because the effort is hypothetical. Instead, if you don’t use it this time, I’ll fire one of the maids that belong to you.”

“What? Why are my maids?”

“If you don’t deserve to be in that position, it’s better to get rid of things one by one for the duchess.”

“It’s too unfair!”

Erin was frightened and countered, but he laughed coldly. 

“It’s even more unfair of you to sit there and do nothing for them. “

As soon as she reflexively bowed her head as if she were avoiding his gaze, the Duke wrapped her chin around his fingers.

“If you want to live in this castle, you just have to stick to your role as my wife. It’s simple. If you keep that, I’m not going to divorce you at all.”

His tone was so soft that it sounded like a consolation for a moment. But on the contrary, it was a threat. Erin bit her lips and asked carefully.

“What if I don’t meet your expectations no matter how hard I try?”

“If only half the effort you’ve been doing when you were trying to keep the magic would be enough.”

The Duke, who stared at her, gradually let go of his strength to his hands, which covered her cheeks. Quickly blinking, Erin nodded slowly, and he rose from his seat as if he would leave the room as he was leaving her.

“Your Grace, by the way.”

When she called, hesitating, the Duke cut her words with a sharp frown.

“You’re wrong.”

Erin hesitated and bit her mouth as she thought she might get a severe scolding on his serious face. The Duke, who glanced at her, said briefly, with his gaze in the air.



“Most wives don’t call their husbands with a title.”

Frustrated, the duke, who turned his back on her, strode out of the room.

‘Are you asking me to call your name now?’

For a long time after the duke left, Erin sat still, as if she had gone out of her body. Then, a long time later, Rowan, she called his name in a small voice. 

His first name after marriage was so awkward that she had to recite it as a spell for a while in her mouth.


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