Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 4 (13)

Part 4: The Spring Sunshine is Warm (13)

Time flew by quickly after being dogged by piles of papers all week.

“Madam, take a break.”

“No. I’ll be in trouble if you don’t memorize all these.”

From the morning until i fell asleep, I had to memorize it. The Duke occasionally stopped by and asked a question about the Duchess job because he didn’t give instructions to the housekeeper, and if she didn’t answer, she would be fooled or ridiculed with one more word. 

Erin’s mental blow was great, though, his divorce ‘mentioned impatience’, she was memorizing to death. 

“Then it’ll be worse if you get hurt.”

Mary, who was not aware of the details, urged rest in a worried tone, and Erin wept.

You can’t sacrifice your mind for your body.

After being distracted several times by the Duke’s verbal attacks, Erin had to wake up. Thanks to her busyness, the helplessness of eating her disappeared, but she had to suffer from fatigue and pressure from all over her mind.

Suddenly, the door opened and the Duke strode in.

“Your Grace.”

As Erin rose from her seat, the Duke with his hand came up and said affectionately, tapping lightly on her shoulder.

“Let’s start with dinner.”

“Will you join me?”

“Of course. I can’t stay with you because you’re busy these days, but I’m going to have to make time for this way”

Mary, who could not hide her joyous smile at the couple’s good looks, left the room to deliver a message to the main room. Only the two of them, the Duke sitting on the opposite side, said dryly, wiping out the laughter.

“You handled the expenses well. From now on, only payment.”

“Only in the end? Then why did you tell me to memorize them all?”

“When you work, it’s different to know and act and leave it behind.”

It’s not wrong, but Erin, who had to memorize accounting and bookkeeping for two weeks, somehow felt guilty. She added, with her mouth wide open, the Duke tilted his head sideways.

“And remember the names of all the western aristocratic families by next week.”


“The invitation spilled out of the boat after you put your face out at the ball. I’m going to have to put more procrastination, so I’m going to have to attend one of them.”


“Take care of your accident.”

“…… I repeat, I’m going to sneak back …”

“Why are you sneaking around when I’m not guilty? It’s all wrong.”

Again, this wasn’t even wrong, but why was this so intimidating?

“Now that you’ve done a good job, why don’t you go out and do your shopping?”


“Come on, take it.”

Erin was surprised to receive the little paper book he threw. It was a check book bearing the seal of the Peruka family.


“One of the important responsibilities of  the aristocracy is to distribute money evenly to the common people.”

Erin rub her eyes with a trembling hand then alternating between him and the check book.

There were a lot of ‘o’ on the numbers. There were too many.

“Well, I don’t think the amount is right.”

“It’s all the money you haven’t spent yet.I even put my special interest in it, so use it all.”


“Why, not enough? I’ll give you more then.”

When she saw the duke taking the checkbook out of his arms, Erin shook her hands.

“No, thank you! Enough!”

Holding a check book with both hands, the duke spoke to Erin in a playful voice without an expression.

“Everyone’s having trouble with their wife’s extravagance, and I ask you to spend some money. What a pleasure. One man. I don’t know if this is one sided.”

What is this? Why not do less work? The feeling of being given a bunch of impossible missions made Erin bring out a bunch of tears.


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