Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 4 (12)

Part 4: The Spring Sunshine is Warm (12)

Perhaps due to falling into the water, Erin had a bad cold. However, she was very healthy, so she slept all day and got up immediately.

“The Lord kept asking me about your condition. He asked me to let him know as soon as you wakes up.”

Handing over the hot soup, Mary said and asked Erin urgently.

“Is my Lord okay?”

“Yes. Except for worrying about you.”

Erin, who was relieved only after asking repeatedly about the Duke, belatedly recalled that he was worried.

‘Are you worried about me? Is it still magic? ‘

Erin recalled the Duke who had saved her from drowning. Even the original appearance of the man who was frightened and angry that he was stupid, and Lex’s mother’s habit of taking care of her even though she was soaking wet.

The Duke, in any form, was a great benefactor to her, and she was heartily grateful. She got a big penny for the Duke, and saved her life.

She was overcome with gratitude, sorry, and guilt, and she was in a hurry, she said to Mary:

“I’ll find him.”

She fumed her soup and hurried out of the room. But before a few steps she ran into the Duke in front of her room. Erin, who was gladly approaching him, stopped in front of him, and stopped walking as he looked down.

Facing him with a straight face, she felt awkward with the Duke, in a hurry to see him.

The Duke, who was staring at her for a moment, asked without an accent.

“Are you all right? I heard you have a cold.”

“I’m fine. What about you?”

He raised his eyebrows, he walked past her and into the bedroom. 

“Thanks to you, I took a good bath with cold water.”

Unsure of gratitude and apologies, Erin sat down on the couch and apologized with as much sincerity.

“……. I’m glad you’re fine. Thank you so much for saving me, and I’m sorry for that anyway. I’ll accept the punishment.”

The Duke looking down at her with his nose was impassive. He leaned over the table, faced her in the eye, and cut off one by one.

“No punishment. You’ll have to live as a “Duchess “in this castle, that will be enough.”

The Duchess? Surprised by the unexpected remark, Erin opened her eyes wide, and he raised her chin lightly with a clasp of his hand and spoke gravely.

“I won’t allow you to break my words in the future.It’s the last warning.”

“The last one?”

With a nod, she asked again in a quivering voice. The word “last” from his mouth sounded very low and dismal, as if to say the end.

“If you disobey me at least once, I’ll divorce because that state your ignoring me as your husband. “

“This, divorce?”

The awkward Erin, hurriedly asked, looked at him, and examined his expression, but still he was expressionless. She shook her head one after another with a whitish face.

“Your Grace, it’s not just divorce. I’ll never do anything you don’t want me to do!”

“Oh, it’s late.”

 “What, what?”

 “You’ve already crossed the line.You shouldn’t have touched this place in the first place.”

When Rowan pointed to a corner of his chest, the Erin asked him more urgently alternating between his face and his fingers.

“What did I do?”

 “I feel very bad. To think you’re an enemy to me.”

“That’s ridiculous! When did I consider you that way?”

“Slow, always, all this time.”


“There’s nothing you can’t do to keep the magic? What’s the difference between saying that you’re going to get rid of me completely?”

As the speechless Erin opened her mouth, he shrugged his shoulders by tapping her chin with the finger that pointed to his chest.

“It’s my turn now after having your way. I’ll do my best for you.”

He whispered affectionately, bowing his head around her face with a soft touch.

 “You don’t have to be so scared. That means you can have at least Lex’s shell for life.”

A shell? A lifetime? The warm spring weather sent an unseasonably cold spell. Contrary to cold harsh words, the Duke, who kissed lightly on Erin’s forehead, let her go and left the room.

Enchanted, Erin sat rubbing her forehead, which touched his lips with a trembling finger. The words and actions of the Duke were contradictory and confusing. She couldn’t think straight because she was anxious about what she heard. A long time later, knock was heard and the butler with papers came.

“Madam, Your Grace told me to give you these.”

“What is it?”

“This is a statement of expenses for the operation of the Duke’s Castle.”


“You know this week and you’ve asked me to delegate your decision. The first thing you need to do is make a decision, the salary of the employees who will leave next week.”

Frustrated by the huge pile of papers piling up on the table, Erin lost her voice.


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