Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 4 (11)

Part 4: The Spring Sunshine is Warm (11)

The tears were as hot as fire. Roan stared at the tears on the back of his hand as if it were a monster, reaching out and following the traces of her tears. The wet texture of the soft skin and damp water felt clearer than anything else.

The feeling of the heaviness of one side of the chest shook off, and Rowan responded fiercely.

“It’s a great illusion that the world is a battlefield full of pain. To stay alive, you don’t need anything like love. If anything, it’s better to go without it.”

“But I’m not. Even the magic that’s not real has become my whole world.I can’t live like before I met you anymore.”

Erin clutched his hand with two trembling hands as if begging.

“I’m sorry, I’m greedy. But I can’t help it.”

“If you can’t afford it, do you mean you’re going to do this crazy thing again?”

“…… Yes.”

“What shall I do to you?” 

“I’m scared of you. But it’s not because I’m afraid you will hurt me. It’s so heartbreaking that you hate me.”

“Are you sick? Because of me?”

 “Yes, I thought you’d leave me someday.Whenever you treat me coldly, I feel like I’m being abandoned.”

When she saw her swallowing her cry and hold her head, Roan took a deep breath. He felt as if he had left his emotions in his own way, and he seemed to put his hands to touch her. 

He held her in a blanket and embraced her, squeezing her hot feelings. She buried her face in his arms and shuddered and what was so sad about the subject that she did something ridiculous,

In his head, an ominous fortune cried wildly like a flock of black crows, an instinctive warning that if this woman was left alone, she would shake his roots.

But Roan ignored the warning and gave strength to hug her. Even though she was soaked, she felt so light that  if when she disappeared, there would be no trace to remain.

It was dark inside the carriage and the light began to crawl slowly. The magic that had receded for a while was coming back.


“Oh, what’s going on here?”

Julia, a black, sticky liquid stirred up at the boiling pot jar, shaking her head. She put down her spatula, opened the window, looked up at the sky, and sniffed. 

The black cat that appeared outside climbed onto the open window sill and began to climb on her back, and Julia pat its neck and asked.

“Did you feel the magic power, too?”

As the cat answered, it looked up at her with yellow eyes and rubbed its pur on the palm of her hand.

“Uh?It smells like ripe? It’s her. It was a very young thing to remember all that. Anyway, our clever Thomas.”

Hm, laughing, she picked up the cat and put it down inside the house.

“I’ll give you a lot of rice in advance today. I’ll have to go a long way early tomorrow morning.”

As she walked into the pot jar, the cat, who had been chasing her back, sat in front of an empty bowl. Julia spread the thick liquid in the pot jar with a spatula and placed it in a small bowl.

 And she went to the window and looked up at the sky again. The moon, which had been combed brightly for a while, was gradually reducing the light as it was.

“She’s got a lot of energy in the middle of nowhere. Well, I suppose it’s because she looks just like my mother.”

The cat, who had already eaten rice and licked the bowl deliciously, raised its head and cried as if to answer.


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