Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 4 (10)

Part 4: The Spring Sunshine is Warm (10)

Roan couldn’t even realize how hard he was now wiping her wet body. As the relief receded, he was just upset.

“There, My Lord …”

When he rubbed her body for so long, Erin was belatedly wrapped in a blanket and stretched out excuses.

“Your Grace, the wind.It’s suddenly windy. I was just going to look around the moon, but I’m so grateful that you saved me …”

“Shut up if you want to talk nonsense.”

As time went by, his anger didn’t subside, but became stronger, he peeled off his blanket. The moonlight that came through the window blazed her disheveled figure and a haggard face.

He grabbed her shoulder impulsively and pressed fiercely.

“What the hell are you doing? There’s a degree to which there’s no countermeasures and there’s a degree of !”

Erin, whose eyes met him, hurriedly dodged his gaze and craned her neck. The wet shoulders and wretched look of her hands added to Rowan’s anger.

“Tell me, what the hell are you doing here?”

“Well, I’m going to take a look at the moon …”

“You don’t know how to swim, and you’re on a boat alone, and you want me to believe that?”

As Rowan raised his voice and pressed more and more, she bit her lips and bit her words.

“…… In the book, the book……”


“It’s a way to make a wish ….. If you pray to the moon in the water, love is made …….”

“Are you crazy to believe that?”

She blinked her head, but she looked up with her soft eyes.

“The magic doesn’t make any sense.I just wanted to make my wish.”

“What’s the use of love when you die in the water?”

“Why am I going to die? If it wasn’t windy, it would’ve been fine, but it was blowing all of a sudden … “

After carefully pushing out the blanket over her shoulder, Rowan fired coldly.

“You’re all right? Look at you now. What the hell’s all right with you?”

“No matter what I look for, there’s nothing I can do. It’s so hard to stay still like this-“

“It’s hard to stay still? It’s like you’ve never been living in a castle and lived like a rat?”

“But what can I do in the castle? I didn’t think I should do anything. I know it’s not where I’m going to be.” 


“It’s not my place. Your ‘Duchess’ Seat.”


Rowan gave her strength to push her hand and stopped all of it. She began to shine in the brilliance of her light.

Damn right now. While he clenched his eyes, Erin shouted at him as if she had vomited a deep breath.

“If it’s not magic, there’s no reason for me to be next to you. I was just a death row to be killed by you!”

Death row? As Erin pointed to himself, Rowan forgot to try to resist the magic and opened his eyes and stared at her.

The moment thier eyes met, suddenly the light that enveloped her vanished without a trace. For some reason, the magic stopped trying to activate.

But Roan was under magic, and at this moment he only chewed out the words that Erin had uttered.

When he realized that he was only regarded as a reaper who tried to kill her, it seemed like a big betrayal. The clear difference she had with him and Lex was very disturbing.

He knew. Erin loved him. And her love, though it was his, was never directed at him. Rowan was obviously well aware that Erin thought of himself. What is the sense of betrayal that makes no sense?

“Death penalty, I’m bothered, I’m going to kill you now.”

He held her thin neck halfheartedly, threatening her. As he reached his hand, Erin, who was shivering, shook her head and asked.

“Do I bother you?”

“Yes, you’re ruining my life.”

“Then why did you save me?”

“I’m regretting it.”

Roan tried to empower his hands with his anger, but his fingers didn’t work as he thought. On the contrary, when he felt a fluttering pulse from her slender neck, he remembered the time when she was sinking in the water and can’t be seen.

It seemed as if it was him who couldn’t breathe. A vague fear rose and choked him. But a death sentence? What is this woman talking to herself who jumped back and forth to be save?

A mixture of lingering relief and fresh rage in his head, Rowan was unable to come to his senses.

“I’ve never had a pleasant life until I met you. But I was so happy to meet you. I know it’s too selfish to think only of my heart, but -“

Tears filled Erin’s eyes as she looked up and whispered as if she were confessing to him. Her tears spilled over her cheeks, spilling over to her chin and reaching his hands around her neck.


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