Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 4 (1)

Part 4: The Spring Sunshine is Warm (1)

“So you failed?”

Claire Palladine bit her lips, avoiding the sharp voice that did not hide the blame. The luxurious lying parlor chair of the imperial womb was like a thorn cushion. 

She don’t want to admit it, but her beauty failed perfectly. 

She never dreamed that the Duke would cut herself off. The old duke was indifferent and sober, but she thought there was room to dig in because he had a somewhat tolerant side, but now he is different from the past. It turned soft and drowsy on the surface, but in reality it became more relentless and cruel.

“Spit out what you want and get the fuck off.”

Every time he looked at her and said something terrible, she trembled with anger.

‘How can I leave me and fall in love with a commoner?’

The Duke was a completely different person when he treated his wife. When she  heard the rumors, she couldn’t believe it. Even for herself, who had known him since he was a child, the Duke had never given her a word, a smile. 

But he whispered in a very sweet voice and looked with affectionate eyes. The image of a man in love, a starkly unimaginable to him who was cold and indifferent, was quite shocking.

Claire was more angry that a humble woman had taken the man that belonged to her than that she had been rejected by the Duke.

“You must have gone too far. I’m not terrible at the girl who was thin.”

Claire’s face turned white with a sense of humiliation as the crown prince poked her into the gut with a straight face. Hiding her swollen, trembling fingertips, she grasped the hem of the dress and answered quietly, with her eyes lowered.

“I’ve made it clear. The Duke and I were not special. Not only me, but he treated every woman as if they were his enemy.”

“All look like an enemy? Ha, was the duke so good? Or is she not a woman, at all?”

Unwittingly, the crown prince, who is qualified for the Duke, scoffed nakedly and shook his nose. And he was so keen to say what he had imagined alone. 

“I don’t know if i’m going to see the succession news any more.”

Claire clenched her fists as she secretly shot the prince, who looked handsome but somewhere despicable and vulgar.

‘It’s all your fault. ‘

Claire recalls Erin Peruka, who has looked ugly and frivolous after many times of meeting, and she works behind the despicable prince in front of her eyes.

The crown prince smiled cunningly with his thin lips, seducing her.

“If you want to keep your place as my lover, Claire, prove to me that your beautiful appearance is worth it. As long as it works, I’ll make you the queen of society.”

Claire was indignant to be exploited by a low-key Crown Prince, but there was no way. And his offer was frankly tempting. If no one can have it, it would be better to have a strong backing and swing the social society. She couldn’t stand back from being abandoned without having anything.

‘If you had given me a bit of your heart, I wouldn’t have gone this far. ‘

Claire recalled the Duke, who had been coldly pushing her with a single sword, Claire hid her shame and bowed obediently to the Crown Prince.


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