Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 3 (8)

Part 3: The Spring Breeze in the Mountains (8)

Er-in looked up at the peacock and carefully touched the gray-haired carac that had fallen on his forehead. Her eyes were as transparent as a spray of sunlit bar. Lowering her fingertips from the straight forehead and stroking along the long brows, he followed and groped her face. The warm body temperature and silky texture of the hand somehow made my teeth feel stiff and choked.



“What’s the standard?”

“What criteria? “

“…… That’s the standard by which you fall in love with me.”

Originally, she wanted to say what the criteria for magic to be triggered, but Erin, who can’t speak of those words, changed her words. She must have been a little impatient with the Duke who did the same thing even though he saw something that almost fell. When she see Lex, who is worried about her, her heart feels like it’s getting cold.

The Duke leaned his head and whispered low as he looked into the books.

“There is no standard. Of course I love you. It’s like a bee flying endlessly in search of flowers, like a city liver as if it were flowing through the city without having to be seen.”

Like magic is magic. Erin murmured into him and sadly touched his cheeks.

‘Oh, what’s wrong with me? You can’t do this!’

She clasped her hands as she tried to become depressed.

“Lex, there’s something I want to try.”

“Just say anything.”

“I’m going to try to get a book that’s as high as this one- oh, not now!”

As soon as she pointed out, she shook her head to the Duke who pulled out the book.

“You’re watching from the back, and you’re supposed to bring this out with a funny face?”

“It’s not funny at all. You’re so short that I can’t help but feel sorry for you.”

Erin, who was attacked for a moment by the truth, paused for a moment, shook her head, grabbed her arm, and stepped back.

Erin deliberately stepped up and pretended to take out a book on a high level. The Duke, who had stood back, came at once and stood close behind her. A mint of fresh water mixed with sweet musk gave off a strong scent. He stretched out his long arm and asked in a ringing voice, holding the book over her hand. 

“You need this, Songbird?” 

“Oh, Your Grace. Thank you.” 

“You’ve got wings, so you can fly. You’ve been waiting for my help?”

Erin, who was excited about the duke’s close-up back, froze at the unexpected remark. Lex, showing the ultimate affection so much that she couldn’t follow, seemed to know then if he taught one. It was really burned! But why not tell?

But when Erin turned, the duke looked down at her and didn’t stop. Why? When Erin smiled and confronted him, he frowned.

“By the way, Erin, I can’t stand it anymore.” 


Instead of answering, the Duke licked his lips with his tongue and mysteriously lowered his eyes.


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