Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 3 (7)

Part 3: The Spring Breeze in the Mountains (7)

She tried to straw the foot properly in a hurry, but the while tiptoeing she slipped. In a short, brief moment, the field of view turned at high speed and she fell down the ladder. 

She closed her eyes and crouched heavily as she looked at the rapidly approaching floor.


But from behind, a hard hand grabbed her by the waist and took her in. A solid, broad chest eased the shock and pulled itself close to sleep, Erin could tell who it was before she could even open her eyes. 

‘Lex smell!!’

She held him tightly in her arms reflexively. Then she buried her face in his chest, sniffed and mumbled happily.

“Thanks to you, Lex!”

“……There are many ways to break your neck. “

It was really mean to tell you who you are. Erin was so angry that she hurried away. The Duke, who threw her away, asked in a low, subdued voice.

“……what are you doing? “

“I’m looking for some books. I think there are all kinds of things. “

“You can look at the list.”

With his arms folded and pointing somewhere with his chin, the Duke narrowed his eyes and stared at Erin. No, he didn’t even stare at it, but he might just look at her, but it was every single thing that looked so fierce. He saved her ‘neckbone’ but she was scared enough when she was let go then give her thanks in  hurry.

In a wide width of the body, the same refreshing body scent, but why is his eyes different? Even though she had just remembered his bad personality, she laughed awkwardly with a stabbing heart.

“Oh, there was a list. I’ve never been to the library before, so I didn’t know.”

Instead of answering, the Duke hardened his lips as if he were in a bad mood. Erin pretended to get out of the way.

“If you have a business, would you like me to leave?”

But the Duke leaned on the ladder and blocked her way.

He then spat out as if it was rather annoying.

“It’s not me who found you.”

“Oh, I see.”

Then why did you come? Erin shrugged her shoulders. 

She noticed that his eyes were blinking, and that his gaze was following her, and she spoke with an excuse.

“I was looking for a book of magic. I heard there are many rare books here next to the imperial palace.”

As the duke glanced at herself silently, she slapped her hand and pointed to the bookshelf, which had been hanging around for some time. 

“I’m telling you, I think there’s a similar jack up there.”

But the Duke raised his eyebrows and turned his head as if it were surprising. 

“Is there such a book here?”

Instead of answering, Erin pointed up hard, but the Duke only took a glimpse and didn’t think to move. He’s tall, he could reach the book she was looking for a little bit she didn’t want to climb up the ladder that she had just fallen from, but she felt a silent compulsion from him. 

With a sigh of regret, Erin began to climb carefully on the ladder, which had almost been touched and shaken for nothing. His back seemed to be an amusement to an angry predator, so she felt nervous. 

“What are you doing dangerously?” 

“What? Ugh!”

Then he suddenly spoke ferociously, and she was  taken by surprised, and she almost fell on her feet. 

When Erin turned around with a grin, the frowning Duke gently wrapped her waist around and dropped her to the floor. 

“You have to be careful. If you get hurt, I’ll die of heartache.”


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