Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 3 (6)

Part 3: The Spring Breeze in the Mountains (6)

“Mary, I’m going to go to the library. Do I need a separate procedure?”

“Madam, of course, you can go in at any time. Outsiders outside the family should have the permission of the Duke.”

Erin, who went to the market to obtain spell book, accidentally recalled the library inside the castle. She was told that there was a library built by the former Duke of Peruka that was full of rare books, but she have never seen it herself. There were only two areas she was interested in reading: romance and magic, and she didn’t want to be caught by the Duke. But now it wouldn’t matter.

“The butler brings in a new book once a month. If you have a book you want, give me a list.”

Mary, who is quick to notice, pretended she didn’t know she was secretly buying a romance novel in the market.

The library was so large that it took up all two floors of the central annex. The former Duke’s hobby was deeper and greater than she thought. 

“From here on out, you’ll be able to make it.” 

“OK, then take a rest while I’m gone.”

After Mary was sent, Erin slowly looked inside the library. The two-story wall below the high ceiling was filled with books, with long ladders lying in places. The hollowed-out space in the center was home to a comfortable sofa and a table. 

Er-in smelled the book for a long time and looked inside and took out the book from the nearest bookcase. Each page was an illustrated weapon dagger. The price of the book was easy to imagine, considering that the bookseller had a high price for each illustration. The old book was more than a hundred years old from the looks of it.

‘My husband was really rich.’

Erin, who had been struggling to keep her property to herself and not to spend it, realized the tremendous wealth of Rowan.

The bookcases were clean and well organized in genre order. At the bottom were real-life books such as science, weapons, strategic books, tools, and agriculture, and upwards were written by scholars and philosophies such as plant books and foreign history. 

The former Duke seemed to have a wide variety of areas of interest. Erin was curious to think about of the Duke of Perka, the former Duke of Peruka, who would have been her father-in-law. She wonder who he was. 

The Duke and the Duchess, who were assassinated during the war against the empire, died at the same time. When Rowan wasn’t even ten years old. Therefore, until he became an adult and was formally sworn in, the Duke of Peruka was left unattended for a long time. After that, however, Rowan said, it has not been a few years since he was sent to war zones in other countries, so the castle was given the proper care from the previous owner. 

‘Is that why the duke’s personality is so? ‘

He lost his parents when he was a child and spent a long time on the battlefield, so it may be natural for him to become a cold-hearted man.

‘No, but I’ve grown up well, haven’t I?’

Erin was also one with her mother who died when she was a child, and was severely scolded by her family, but not as pessimistic as the Duke. Compared to the Duke, it was a great achievement. Is it a matter of basic gender issue? But Lex’s kind and sweet. Once again, it was a moment of magical greatness. 

‘Oh, but there’s a lot of books.’

Erin sighed as she climbed all the sheltered ladders to check out the genre of the book. It seemed like there would be no end to checking every single one like this. 

Furthermore, the ladder was a standard for adult men, and even when she was small in stature, she tried reached the top of the table. 

“Well, that’s all about folk belief, so is it in that compartment?”

At first glance, it seemed like the magic word appeared in the book at the top. 

Oh, just a little more. 

Erin stretched her arms a little longer. However, when her elbow hit the chin of the bookcase three times, her feet were in a shaky balance.



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