Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 3 (5)

Part 3: The Spring Breeze in the Mountains (5)

As soon as he opened his mouth, she jumped into the greenhouse to escape from him. But a big hand snatched her shoulder from behind.

“Oh, I’m sorry!”

Erin was frightened, frozen and cold.

“Really? So you’re not going anywhere again?”

“Yes! ..Yes?”

“It’s your fault to leave me and go heartlessly. “

“Lex? “

Looking over her shoulder, the Duke, who held her closely, stroked her cheeks and smiled. 

Erin hugged him and rubbed  like a ball.

“Lex! Where have you been, I have been looking for you for a while!”

“I’m always in your heart.”

“Would you say that again?”

“It’s me. That is always in your heart …”

“Is that right? How good is it to hear?”

“Your voice is always good to hear.”

“No, you are.”

“Yes, I like you calling me.”

“I love you, Your Grace that can you stop calling ‘you’.”

“No, I think you should call me ‘Lex.'”

“No, I have to tell you.”

The Duke smiled and tilted his head.

“It’s weird. Why isn’t this conversation strange?”

Erin, who had been stabbed in the back, smiled and dodged the eye and touched the broom she was carrying.

“But you were cleaning up? What if you get stabbed even if you have thorns like last time.”

“I’m doing it because I want to.”

“No, i’ll do it for you if you want to do it.”

“What about the Dignity of Your Grace?”

“Allowing your wife to do some rough work is more damaging to her husband’s constitution.”

Seeing the Duke taking the broom out of her hand, Erin briefly glimmered wickedly. 

‘You can take this as revenge.’

She gestured at the imitation of the Duke, who used the floor awkwardly as if he had never done it before.

“Then, would you please sweep this place?”

“Yes. Of course.”

“There’s a way. Oh, there’s too.”

As he was rubbing hard, he suddenly tilted his head. 

“…….. It seems to be pointing anywhere without looking. “

“It’s because of my feelings.”

Her face was covered with both hands with a prick of conscience when a duke’s honor as bitten by her. Then she peeked at him through a crack in her finger and she saw him pointed at her hard.


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