Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 3 (4)

Part 3: The Spring Breeze in the Mountains (4)

As if he didn’t like her answer, he lowered his eyes with a deep frown on his brow. Her eyes were on the broom she held in her hands.

“When I use my hands, my head works well. Your Majesty also said that if you wield a sword, I think it’s good-“

“What about the body? “

“Yeah? “

“Where did your physique go as a duke wife?”

The gaze of the duke that glanced at her from head to toe was stinging. As soon as she was rebuked by him without any time to breathe, Erin burst into a rage. Then she found it uncomfortable. She was kicked out without knowing the truth before, but it was definitely the Duke who came to visit her. Why do you hate me when you’re still here?

Erin put her hands on her tongue and danced toward him.

“What about you?”


“If you think of my body appearance, that I’m your wife. Please don’t say you.”

As she picked up, the Duke raised his eyebrows. Although courageous, she was stepping backwards and away from him.

“Oh yeah?”

The Duke came a step closer. The startled Erin hugged her as if protecting the rain in her hand, and he pointed at her with the tip of his chin, shuddered.

“Are you going to hit me with it? You said you didn’t want to hurt him.”

“Ma, that’s ridiculous! How can I hurt you with a broom like this way?”

“If I get hit by this, I’ll lose my pride.” 

“It’s all right, Your pride. Lex doesn’t seem to remember.”

She could hear the sound of teeth grinding from above her. Hey, she think she hit him with a broom. Frightened Erin looked up with her eyes wide open.

The Duke, who had been looking her for a long time, snatched the broom and threw it away, warning her in a low voice.

“It’s the last. Don’t think of trying any funny tricks behind me like yesterday.”

“Well, I want you to promise me, too. You won’t call me you. It’s not like you don’t know my name.”

She could hear the grinding sound more clearly than before. Erin closed her eyes as she watched the ball’s hand stretch like a snake near her neck. 

But there was no sign of movement. With a glimpse of his eyes, the duke, with his ferocious eyes, spit low in profanity, holding one hand, who would have been left with his eyes cut. As soon as she and his eyes met, he turned his gaze into the air, and he shuddered. 

“You’ve got a big liver to talk about like that. So I can’t trust you.”

“So you’re here to spy on me because you don’t trust me?”  

“Because of you. Lawrence saw peeking at you earlier. If I pretend not to know again, I’m not sure if they will think it’s weird.”

Oh, really. When she heard the Duke’s accent, which deliberately stressed the word “you,” Erin soared, even though she was scared. She must have been promised not to be killed, she quickly dodged him, out of his reach and then deliberately bellowed.

“Yes, the your usual self is that you can’t ignore a songbird. I’m sure you found my nest earlier.It’s not that Erin interfered with your work.” 


“I want to sleep with Erin’s warm feather in her cozy nest. Don’t you remember?”

The Duke’s expression was wry as if he remembered it. 

“Shut up.”

Erin picked up the broom thrown by the duke. In addition, the chivalry seemed to be terrified by her.

“I’ll be careful from now on. Cleaning won’t be noticeable only in the greenhouse. Erin makes a promise.”



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