Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 3 (32)

Part 3: The Spring Breeze in the Mountains (32)

It was a terrible headache that welcomed her as soon as she opened her eyes. 

Erin blinked and held her head in agony, and someone next to her held out a glass of water. She was glad and greeted and struggled while murmuring hard.

“Thank you, Mary. “

But only the cold voice returned.

“Mary is on her punishment because of someone else. “


Surprised and almost dropped the glass of water she had received inadvertently, she raised her head and looked at the Duke. Standing by the bed, his head was pulled from side to side, his tongue rolled inside his cheeks, looking down at her.r.

“I’m in the middle of being punished for misbehaving.”

As soon as her and his eyes met, Erin’s simplicity quickly swept away. What memories can be remembered in her head. 

She grabs the Duke’s hand and shakes it-

When Erin opened her mouth in a flag, and the duke laughed at it with only one mouth open.

The memory of yesterday came back to me belatedly. She drank too much champagne with her broken heart. She got drunk and asked for more, but Mary said no, so she used a bunch of them, and in the meantime, the Duke showed up and–

I think I got drunk. Oh, screwed up. I do not know!

She had a flash of memory, barely full of water on her lips, and hurriedly made excuses.

“It’s my fault. Mary kept resisting, but I insisted.”

Erin didn’t have the heart to see the cold-nosed Duke.

She blinked and spoke desperately.

“I’m worried. I don’t usually drink alcohol. I mean, Mary kept resisting, but my worries were so deep that I stopped–“

“Are you deeply concerned? How much?”

“It’s… it’s been a lot, it’s… it’s been…

“So? Do you have a deeper anxiety than I am whenever I go out of my mind?”

Erin stared at the sarcastic Duke. Then his hand reached toward her and she jumped out of her seat.

“I’m wrong, I won’t do it again! It’s just-ugh!”

However, when a sharp headache came over her head, she soon fell back on the bed. Holding her head with both hands, the Duke bit his tongue above her troubled head.


“I think I’m going to die…”

“Well done. There is no hangover in alcoholic beverages.”

Well, that doesn’t mean you have to laugh. Erin was caught in a painful head and riddled stomach, when the Duke sat on the bed, she was startled.

Turning his gaze into the air, he crossed his long legs and folded his arms, frowned so that his wrinkles would be deep, and scratched her bedside with a dry touch. Then he sighed long and chewed the abusive words with his mouth.

It was like saying, ‘Damn, why am I?’

 When Erin, who had been stabbed, stood up, bowed her head and waited for his disposal, the Duke twisted his head from side to side and asked her, looking at her at an angle.

“In your eyes Do you think I’m the one who’s going to cheat on you?”


Frustrated by the unexpected remark, she asked again, but the Duke had the right to look up at her with his chin raised. Erin hesitated and answered frankly.

“I don’t want to believe that, but I don’t know what I’ve seen.”

 “What did you see?”

 “Men and women were alone in a secret space.”

 “Ha, let’s do a close look at the terrace.”

 “There’s a wall and there’s a roof!”

 “Hey, I’ll tell you one last time, so listen up.”

The duke’s index finger before her looked unusually stubborn. Erin nodded, and he said lowly.

“I only met lady Palladine to refuse.”

“Rejection? Why is rejection so secretive?”

“It’s not a relationship to be publicly refused. Come on.”

“What kind of relationship is that?”

“Do not open your eyes like that.”


Instead of answering, he suddenly opened his eyes and jumped out of his seat. He said it in a slur and strode to the door.

“Don’t forget. I certainly turned her down.”

“My Lord?”

As he quickly flicked out, the mystified Erin tilted her head. I was glad to hear the unexpected answer, but something was strange.

Why are you telling me so easily? He didn’t even scold for her drunkenness.

Anyway, Erin was glad that the stench she had been feeling in seemed to have gone down. Wow, he turned down that foxy girl! He even told her! She was so excited that she tried to run all over the place, but she sat back with a sharp headache that hit her head.


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