Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 3 (30)

Part 3: The Spring Breeze in the Mountains (30)

“I liked you even if I thought you were the grim reaper the one with the big sickle! I love it, but since you’re a prince on a white horse, I thought I’d be lucky. Why, you, why are you so fickle? and so much so affectionate-“


Rowan turned irritably and approached her. Erin, who was shaking her head with a painful look,rolled down the floor with his feet.

What are you doing with your injured leg? Unable to take his eyes off her ankle, Rowan began to simmer late.


“I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it. Oh! “

But she rolled her feet more loudly.

“You’ll regret it.”

Roan decided to force Erin to stay in bed and approached her.

“No, I’ll do it, I’ll love you. Oh!”

It was the moment when Rowan, who was just standing in front, was about to raise Erin. Long stretched on her horse’s tail, she sprang up from her seat with her arms wide open.

“I love you! I love everything, whether it’s a white horse or a sickle, or a prince with a scythe. Oh I can’t! I love you!”

“Damn, stay still! “

Rowan, who almost got his chin on Erin’s head, tried to squeeze her into a seat. But Erin, who rose to her feet and raised her chin, struck him hard on his lips.


He had never known that a woman’s soft lips could be as hard as a weapon. The teeth on the inside of her lips hit him hard, making his eyes glistening.

“This drunkard.

He approached.

“No, I’ll do it, I’ll love you. Oh!”

Her lips were all right, as she drank back her shoulder and pulled it off, as if she didn’t know the pain of what she just did.

Erin murmured blankly.

“It’s strange, in fairy tales, when you kiss, magic happens… …because I’m not a princess.”

“What are you talking about?”

After rubbing his lips with the back of his hand and looking at her small face, Rowan drew a grimace this time.

Moist green eyes, red cheeks, thin pink lips, sweet smell chocolate body. 

Her appearance, which is just in front of her eyes, was overly alluring and touched. Did this woman look like this?

He let go of her shoulder, holding on to the worrisome feelings of the spread of alcohol.

Erin, who was released by him, staggered and looked up in tears and turned to him. 

“It’s not Lex! My Lex doesn’t look so fierce!” 

“Hey, stop there.”

Rowan called her as she limped along. But of course, the drunk girls didn’t get hind him.

“Where’s my Lex? I’ll find him!”

Rather, she shouted in a theatrical tone, so she walked out of the room quickly.


Rowan, who looked at her back with an angry, blood-stained forehead, shook his head and chased her.

He had just walked down the aisle and tried to get her back from behind.


At the end of the corridor, he heard a startled cry. He swiped his fingertips and turned his attention then missed Erin. Her immediate maid and butler froze with their mouths open. 

Yeah, He sure he is being ridiculous. But he is not the only one.

Rowan sighed deeply, gazing at them with bitterness.

The maid rubbed her hands in a contemplative manner and made an excuse.

“Oh, it’s my first time doing this! She’s very depressed. I gave her chocolate. Oh, I’m. I was out of line!”

When Rowan made an expression, the maid bowed her head on the floor. He clicked his tongue over her head.

Yes, it would be normal to treat them like this. His wife was a little too fearless. Now she’s drunk herself.

When he looked at the side of the hall, his ‘extraordinary’ wife stumbled and walked somewhere. 

“Go back. I’ll take care of my wife.”

He sighed, dismissing the employees and chasing after his wife.


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