Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 3 (3)

Part 3: The Spring Breeze in the Mountains (3)

Considering his personality, it seems far from this consideration, which was strange. Isn’t he, like magic, when he falls in love, it turns into a Lex?

Sitting in front of the dressing table and being dressed by Mary, Erin was wondering what to do next. Now experimenting with a magic circle directly in the greenhouse was nothing more than being sanctioned by the Duke.

‘You do not believe me completely.’

After all, it was natural for him to do so. Erin wants to trigger the magic again unlike him. Once you learn about magic, the Duke will try to reverse it. And he’ll kick her out and he will get a decent wife like the woman she saw in the harbor. Then what should she do.

Relieved by the duke’s words not to kill for a while, the future became dark again.

Erin already frowned at the feeling of missing Lex.

“Mary, Lady Palladine. How long did she associate with his grace?”


 “It’s all right. My lord told me, but I didn’t hear it closely.”

Mary, who looked puzzled, answered her question without winning.

“The Lady Palladine has a long-established family in the West, and has been frequented by spies since the time of the war. It was an engagement when you were young. After Your Grace left for war and they broke up, The Count moved to the capital.”

“He don’t have enough time for engagement, so you know how long they’ve known each other? “

“To put it bluntly, the two of them were never seemed to be enthusiastic lover. And the only thing the Duke was interested in was swordsmanship, martial law, combat, the duchy, and trade. So we heard that the Duke had been inlove at first sigh , and we cried out that it was a miracle. “

Mary comforted, but Erin rose helplessly.

“Madam? Where are you going?”

“In the greenhouse.”

Erin pretended to go to the greenhouse and swung around in front of the hall of the office. In the meantime, it was the expectation that the Duke might have turned into her Lex.

But the eyes that her found and looking at her through the door were very sad. The Duke was like a cold winter in the warm spring. The cold air from the ash-colored hair and the deep sea eyes was cold.

Gradually his time was coming back. Then her Lex disappeared, and Erin trembled.

 “Madam, please stop!”

“I don’t care and go away.”

After seeing the magic circle with a frustrating heart, Er was finally supposed to clean the greenhouse for mental remission. Keeping your body busy helped to clear your head. From a young age, the young Count and his brother moved to hide every time they bothered her. Then there was no new feeling of misery because of tiredness.

“…… Huh?”

All the maids were bitten and rubbed for a long time, but she could feel an intense look from somewhere. When she turned her head, she encountered a blue eye over the wall of the greenhouse glass.


She shouted of joy, but he didn’t budge. His unsteady eyes and expression were not as strong as they could have been.

“Oh, still?”

Erin reflexively trembled and looked around, but she was the only one in the room. She rolled her eyes to the sloppy line, and she walked out of the greenhouse. The Duke, who did not disturb her arm-in-arm posture as she approached, looked at her with only a glance.

“Your Grace, do you have something to say to me?”

“What are you doing? “

“I’ve been thinking about it because you told me not to do it.”


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