Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 3 (29)

Part 3: The Spring Breeze in the Mountains (29)

“Damn it.”

Rowan spat out curses and threw away the papers he had seen. While waiting by his side, nervous, Lawrence quickly picked up the papers, placed them carefully on his desk and stepped back. And then hesitated and said little.

“Your Highness, the rumor about you was exaggerated anyway. There were no unusual rumors.”

As soon as Rowan stared at him, Lawrence bit his mouth off.

It’s not unusual, he still want to block his  heartfelt voice at the ball, and he feel the tongue rotting out of the words. He swears for a moment and asks. 

“What about the imperial palace side?” 

“Must be distracted by the Prince’s wedding preparations.”

“It’s rather suspicious that the greedy emperor has calmed down this long. Don’t let your guard down.”

“Yes, I understand.”

He have got lot of works to do and he can’t get his hands on it. Rowan breathed deeply and waved his hand out.

“Get out.”

Alone, the man closed his eyes and leaned deeply into the chair to sort out his dizzy thoughts.

Lawrence was right. In any case, from his marriage proposal to his marriage, the anecdote about his marriage has been exaggerated throughout Mercia, so there was nothing worse, he shuddered about the ball.

‘I drove a wedge into it. ‘

And he didn’t give a damn about finger pointing anyway. For Rowan, it was no different from the cruel murderer or the arm-cuffing him, whatever words they call him is no different.

It was another thing for him to be angry. That he could not have his own way, that weighed heavily on him. It was similar to the feeling of helplessness, which seemed to bind his hands and feet.

It was ridiculous to forget her status as the Duchess, to act in a dangerous manner and to ban her from going out only because she had damaged the Duchess’s system. Even though he is still so angry. He should have punished her severely.

Besides, what does this feeling like? He didn’t want to see the bandage saggy around her neck, which seemed to be caught in one hand. He remember educating her in front of the office, and she was hot lying in the middle of it.

Why is she so desperate? No money, no position, no desire, and no care was given to her doing useless house work. At first, she didn’t even ask for her life, even though she had a knife in her throat. Then she stabbed herself in the hand or loitered around the shady back alley, and this time, she even followed him alone at night and borrowed carriage to the party.

‘You don’t have to worry about it or not. Why would I?’

Yes, this was the biggest problem. That all the attention goes to her.

Rowan jumped up from his seat at last. Come to think of it, she’s been cooped up in her room for days and it’s been so quiet. He wasn’t really curious about what she did, but he had an ominous premonition that she might be doing something else. Whether in an accident openly or secretly, the bane had to be tightly controlled in advance.

Sure enough.

“Say your password! “

As soon as he walked into her parlor, Erin ran over and hung up. 

Rowan dropped a glance and stared at the woman hanging around his neck. He was so bewildered that he couldn’t move for a while.

He was for the first time to be held in the throat and a woman at that, too.

Erin grabbed him by the collar and shouted, dangling around him.

“Give me a password!”

“…… give me the password?”

If it was too absurd, it would be blocked. It was already something she had experienced many times. He panicked and followed her, and she shook her nose and asked. 

“What would you call me?” 


“If you call me a Songbird, you can come into my room, but if you call me ‘you’ you’re off limits! “

Now it was unclear as if her tongue had twisted. Her cheeks were red and her clothes were disheveled. Her soft body smelled of sweet chocolate-mixed of liquor. Rowan grabbed her wrist and pulled it off his own neck and bit in a low voice.

“Are you drunk? “

“The password is wrong. “

She burst into tears when he asked, frowning his brows. When the green eyes glistened right before his eyes, Rowan hurriedly put her wrists on her back and stepped back. He hated women who were drunk. Besides, the biting green eyes are magic–

When he avoided a few more steps in disgust, Erin wiped tears from her hands, she ran to the sofa and flopped down. Rowan stopped to leave the room when he found that on his ankle was still long with bandages under him, which was all over the room.

She shouted suddenly. She even went so far as to make a fuss.


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