Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 3 (28)

Part 3: The Spring Breeze in the Mountains (28)

“It’s really too much.”

Erin was more unjust as she thought about it. She was definitely going to go to the ball without anyone knowing. But it is also the Duke who followed her and publicly revealed her plans. And even the enchanted Lex ignored her words.

‘Lex, how could you do this to me? ‘

It has already been three days, and she could not take a peek out of the house. The punishment for sneaking away out of place could be sweetened. But Lady Palladine ?! You can ask me why you went so far!

When turned into a Lex, she wandered around in front of him several times to ask about Lady Palladine, only to hear a bitter cry from the Duke.

She took her eyes off the book she was reading and pouted her lips for a moment.

“Madam, would you like to try some chocolate? It makes you feel better if you eat it when you’re depressed.”

Mary spoke affectionately to her to see if she was worried about being stuck in the bedroom.

Erin shook her head, ruffled under her pillow.

“It’s okay. I deserve to be depressed.”

“No, ma’am. If you’re depressed, we’ll all be depressed.”

“……. I’m sorry, but I can’t help it. Well, where’s your Grace?”

“Staying in the home office. I’m worried about your butler saying that the Lord is skipping meals and was just working. You really didn’t have anything to do with it, did you?”

When Erin, who had been going for a walk, was angry with the Duke and Stone, Mary was restless. Feeling sorry for her all the while, Erin snorted around her as if she was crying.

“I’m just angry that I went out alone. I’m wrong.” 

“You must have been very worried about the Lord.”

Yeah, you’re gonna be very upset. Didn’t you learn a lot about it this time, even though you didn’t know it was embarrassing?

Erin muttered to herself and tasted Mary’s repeated recommendation of chocolate as if she were nail-biting. Perhaps because of the anxiety built up in her heart, she pulled the trigger.

“Well, this tastes unique.”

“It’s specially made by the chef for you.A little alcohol is good for a change of mood.”

Erin was struck by the sweetness of the tongue and the bitter chocolate taste at the end. It was like the gap between Lex and the Duke. Thinking of him, she ate every piece of chocolate, and it ran out before she knew it.

“I guess it really works. I feel much better.”

She felt a little bit better when she was drunk and a little hazy. Erin licked the remnants of chocolate on her fingers and asked Mary.

“No more?” 

“Yes. That’s the last one. Should I ask him to make more?”

“No. I’ll make you something.Mary, can you get me some chocolate and champagne?”

“But you don’t drink well.” 

“I’ll eat a little.”

Erin smiled at Mary with her cheeks slightly red. I felt better and better at the sensation of my feet. Come on, bring it to me, she laughed and hastened Mary.


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