Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 3 (27)

Part 3: The Spring Breeze in the Mountains (27)

In the room there was a heavy silence.

The Duke said nothing, but she could tell he was on the brink of explosion with the chill of his air around. His expression revealed all sorts of negative emotions, including anger, self-destruction, and absurdity.

Lex, why did you go so fast? Much more than usual, because he had worked hard to raise chicken meat for many people? Erin resented the magic that had been released as soon as she arrived at the castle with his hands together, as if he were sitting on a bed.

A long time later, the Duke, who had been in the room frowning, stood in front of her and asked in a chilly voice.

“So you’ve walked two blocks to grab a rented a carriage and go on a ride?”

“Yes, but- “

“At night, on foot, by yourself?”

Erin shuddered with a swollen heart, and as she raised her eyes, she quickly muttered, avoiding his gaze.

“No one recognized me. You pretended to know me, and all this happened to you– “

“That’s not what it’s about now!”

Suddenly, the Duke screamed and Erin shuddered.

“Are you insane now? What kind of woman is not scared here?”

With his waist down, he gave her a pat on the face. Erin pleaded urgently, holding his hand mournfully in both hands.

“Don’t get angry. I’m sorry. I’m really reflecting on my secret trip. I’m telling you.”

Duke rooted in her hand, politely exacerbated it.

  “Reflection? Is it like to repeat the same thing twice?”

“Two times?”

“You went through the back alleys alone in the market.”

“But that’s a book of magic.” 

“I didn’t say that’s the problem.”

“Yes? I’m definitely fine! But you didn’t listen to me at all. Do you remember?”

“That’s not a problem!”

“That’s the problem. I’m embarrassed to make such a fuss about my ankle injury.”

When the duke lost his temper and said nothing, the impatient Erin retorted.

Still, everyone in the party hall had a startling look before their eyes. She could not bear to be angry at Lex, who was so worried about him, but he was not the Duke. Now he must be angry at her for his loss of face.

Erin blushed and yelled at him. 

“Honestly, I was a little embarrassed!”

 “Don’t use the word “embarrassment!”

 “I’m ashamed, then?”

The duke with a pit on his forehead sharpened. Please stop this, Lex bad. The Erin swallowed up the unspeakable words because it seemed to explode.

The Duke, who had been staring at her in horror, began to hover in the room again, holding his fist tightly and breathing heavily.

Erin had a sting in her lips as she chased him back and forth with her eyes. She was embarrassed to avoid the window. She was so curious that she was going crazy. It all started today. What in the world did Lady Palladine have to do with him?

“Well, but Lady Palla-“

As soon as Erin, who had hesitated, fell silence, the Duke stopped and glanced at her. And said clearly, with an impression.

“You’re grounded in the future.”


“Just go out one step out of the castle. I’ll tell you what it’s really embarrassing.”

“Uh, until when?”

She panicked in a overbearing shredding, and instead of answering, the duke clenched his fist and shook his  fist in the air.

“Until the spell is lifted.”

“Don’t do it, it’s ridiculous! “

She protested, but the Duke glanced fearfully and left the room. Erin, who was about to run after him, sat down again with a throbbing ankle.

You don’t mean it, do you?

Erin looked down at my somber bandaged ankle. She couldn’t go out for a while because of this condition, but she was already frustrated that she should not go out.

“First, what did you do well? I secretly meet with another woman. “

Erin grumbled alone, and suddenly the door burst open and the Duke came in. He opened his index finger and warned her sternly, while she quickly shut her mouth and dodged the gaze of the Duke.

“Remember. Even if you allow you to go out, I will never lose my mind”

Erin smiled at his fingers, pointing his fingers at Erin and himself alternately so that he could not be confused. 



Reluctantly nodded to her, he smirked.

“Now you’re really stuck in a cage. I’m sorry, My songbird.” 


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