Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 3 (25)

Part 3: The Spring Breeze in the Mountains (25)

A low voice above her head sounded threatening. When surprised Erin looked up at the Duke, he frowned at her, as he grabbed her arm and pulled it close. The cold light in his eyes made her feel that the magic had unraveled. Besides, the Duke has never hidden his identity when he openly identified herself as “my wife.”

Erin was forced to dodge his gaze, and she was caught by his own eyes. 

“Your Grace, Duke of Peruka.”

But the Duke ignored him as he greeted Erin with fixed eyes.

“Your Grace.”

When Cain Savahn called again, the fierce-looking Duke turned and stared at him.

“Get out.”

His fierce speech faltered his own words. Then the Duke no longer looked at him, but looked down at Erin.

Cain took turns looking at the Duke and her, with a quaint expression of thought for a moment, he quickly greeted her politely and withdrew. 

Although he had moved somewhere else, Erin sighed deeply as she felt the Duke and the eyes of the people who had been directed at her from afar. 

“Why are you sighing?”

The Duke who let her arm go was smitten. Erin grumbled in his arms. 

“Can you pretend you don’t know me?” 

“Isn’t it you who stole a glance at me in public?”

“Do you steal? I have not seen anything.”


“That’s. It was so secretive that I couldn’t see anything.”

She was embarrassed to meet him in this situation, but when she saw him on the terrace, she recalled that he had been friendly with Lady Claire, and the moment Erin burst into tears. It was the Duke who headed to such a place in an official position that anyone could see. And to tell him the fact that she was at this party, she was given her own invitation, and he didn’t blame her.

She pointed to the terrace and turned around, and the Duke strode in front. He looked down at her menacingly with his legs wide apart and arms crossed

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going back.”

“I thought you had something to see?”

“I don’t want to interrupt your time.”

“I’ve already been interrupted.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry about that.”

“What’s the point of doing this?”

“You tell me? Really too ha-ha!”

the Duke growled, Erin turned to him and screamed. Her ankle got hit from the pot earlier, was tired and got throbbing.

“What’s wrong?”

The Duke stopped again and asked her. But Erin shook her head and pretended to be fine.

“I want to go home.”

The Duke, who took another step in front of her, blocked her with his eyes together and asked.

“Are you hurt?”

“My heart was hurt.”

“I’ll ask you one last time. Are you hurt?”

Erin looked up at the pressing Duke as if he were angry. When the gleaming blue eyes shot her face to face, the hot emotion that had been stifling inside seemed to rise and she burst into tears.

There was nothing to do. She don’t see the Duke in “close-up”, but she falls ferociously and sprains her ankle. Besides, Duke is still a Duke. He knew she had done something wrong stealing her place from other, but he didn’t stop, and he didn’t ask why. 

Tears pinged back and she blinked, and the Duke frowned. And he spoke in an unexpectedly softened voice.

“Yes, let’s go back.”

Erin hesitated for a moment, then moved cautiously along the Duke in the lead. But a middle-aged man came up to them quickly and talked to them.

“Your Grace, are you already back? There are still people who want to see you.”

Instead of answering, the Duke shook his hand as answer, as the man who ask them was ignored, still followed them.

“But, Your Grace, who is next to you?”

The Duke, who was moving at a snail’s pace, paused. And he stared back at the man coldly.

“Is there another woman next to me? Of course she’s my lovely wife.”

She was surprised to hear what he said, even though he spoke coldly. When Erin looked up at the Duke in astonishment, he bent his eyes to the shape of a crescent moon. Erin who looked at his smiling face and shook her eyes, asked, only with her lips.

“Lex? “


When the Duke responded affectionately, Erin panicked. When Lex returned, in the middle of the party, something was not good. 

Soon, the count, who had a surprised expression, bowed down to her and greeted her politely.

“It is an infinite honor to meet, the Duchess. I’m Count Borne Savanh”


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