Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 3 (24)

Part 3: The Spring Breeze in the Mountains (24)

She can’t do anything when a foxy woman seduces her husband.

Erin tried to leave the party, but did not step away, she was staring at the terrace in the corner of the hall. Even now she wants to pretend to run into each other by chance, but it was a ridiculous imagination. But fortunately, not long afterwards, the door opened wide and the duke came out.

Fortunately, however, it was not long afterwards that the door opened wide and the duke came out. As she looked closely at him, she hid quickly behind the pillar when the duke looked around her. Why did you come out alone?

What about Lady Palladine? After a while, it was a moment when she wondered and tried to push her head back.

“Are you playing hide-and-seek?”

Erin looked back in amazement at the sudden sound of the speech. 

“Uh, uh, I-“

The terrified Erin hurried away from her seat as she fled. She accidentally stumbled over a pot that had not been seen on the side of the hall. 

“Oh, my god!”

Embarrassingly, Cain, who rushed into her body, held her hand and gave her a hand. With his help, Erin, who barely got up, now wanted to hide in a hole like a rat, because she was more embarrass than in pain.

“Are you hurt?”

When he let her hand go and  stepped back, Cain asked with anxiety, and soon Erin’s face burst red. She didn’t know what was more embarrassing. She was caught hiding and watching the Duke, or  she was able to smash herself on the floor. 

“Oh, I’m okay.”

She bowed her head and covered her face with both hands, and then offered a low apology.

“I’m sorry to surprise you.”

“If you’re sorry, pretend you haven’t seen me. That would be the most appreciated.”

“Would you like to go now? You have not seen anything.”

“Just pretend you don’t know-“

“I don’t know, but I could not do what I didn’t really see. I’m a wizard. I can let it go.” 


“Come on, look.”

What do you mean a wizard? Erin, who was muttering in the palm of her hand, was embarrassed and raised her head. With a serious look, he took his business card out of her arms, which he gave and showed it. 

Then, in an instant, his business card disappeared from his hand. Surprised, she opened her eyes wide.


“You see? I can do something didn’t I?”

As if he was showing off his empty hands, he turned around and smile, and Erin, who was admiring him, laughed in a daze.


When he made a noise against his thumb and index finger, the card showed  up out. He politely presented this business card to Erin.

“It’s a rare book store I’ve mentioned before. It’s like my treasure trove, which I found by selling items”

“Why do you give this to me?”

“I’m glad I met someone with a rare hobby. Sharing a hobby is fun.”

Erin stared at him with a glare. He was an embarrassing man. He have seen her behave suspiciously twice, but he don’t ask anything. So she thought he didn’t look like a bad guy.

“You don’t have to feel burdened. You can throw it away.”

“Thank you.”

Once they finished the conversation quickly, Erin took his business card from his hands and put it in her little purse.

He seemed happy that his business card was accepted, and added, waving his hands.

“This is another magic. You can grow trees in your clothes.”

Cain smiled amicably and brushed his palm against the back of her sleeve, and Erin blushed as she looked at the leaves in his hand. She realized that he had removed the leaves from the pot, when she fell down earlier,.

He smiled and pointed his hand at her shoulder. 

“Here it is.”

As soon as he touched her shoulder along his hand, there was a leaf on it.

“There’s actually more.”


“No, it’s a little higher.”

He frowned, as if he were sad to see her stuttering on her back.  

“Can I take it off? The green looks very good, but it doesn’t fit into this ball.”

Erin, who had been squirming, bowed her head and, for a moment, he reached out to her. Just as his hands were about to pull to the nape of her neck, suddenly someone struck his hand roughly. 

“What are you going to do to my wife?”


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