Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 3 (23)

Part 3: The Spring Breeze in the Mountains (23)

She shook her head to look more closely at the Duke. With his chin on his armrest and his head slightly bowed, it looked like a piece of finely shaded eyes and towering noses under his eyebrows. Suddenly at someone’s words, he raised one end of his lips. Even though the laughter was powerful, the cold and indifferent mood just changed dramatically just by bending the lips and eyes.

‘Why, why are you so sexy ?!’

Erin was very surprised at the moment. The viewed from the market or the port, the Duke looked stern and cold, but when he made a boring and sensuous look like now, it looked drowsy and sensual. She felt another heart pounding. She couldn’t take her eyes off the unusual appearance of the Duke.

‘It’s really the best one looks.’

Erin forgot the original purpose and began to observe as he stood in a well-visible position. 

Perhaps it wasn’t just her who was watching him secretly, and she could hear the whispering conversation of the young ladies from a little distance.

“He is still alone today. She’s still sick.”

“It’s weird these days. I used to be scared of the Duke, but these days, he seem to be very handsome, so I keep looking at him.”

“Oh, so am I. After the lord got married, he changed in attitude. That’s what my sister said, because it’s a man’s pheromone.”

“Pheromone? What’s that?”

“It’s a strange imagination. “

Weird imagination? Erin’s ears were duly held up to the duke. The work that stimulates her feelings was somewhat uneasy and strange, but on the other hand was proud.

“Is it different from my own Lord Cain? He was very handsome, too.”

“According to my sister, since the difference between sensitivity and feralness.” 


“I tell you to know, but I’ll tell you specifically. The difference between sensitivity and feral is the difference between a tea table or a bedroom.”

The comparison of words was so impressive that she forgot to mention it for a moment. She’d like to meet her, too. Erin suddenly wondered and tried to check the faces of the lovers, but they stopped talking and looked round the entrance.

“It’s Lady Palladine, isn’t it?”

The atmosphere inside the hall was also jubilant, and people’s eyes were on the gorgeous beauty who had just come into the hall.

Lady Palladine, wearing a white-and-red dress to reveal her slender figure, turned up her blond hair to emphasize her elegance, looked particularly seductive today. She looked straight at the duke, paying no attention to the look she was given to her. Then she walked proudly toward him.

In that impassive manner Erin clenched her fist unknowingly and tried to get closer to it. As she struggled through the crowd and approached the ball, Lady Palladine was already at the Duke thanks to the people, who naturally opened the way.

The Duke had simply paid a silent tribute to her as she bowed. His expression was still indifferent and calm, so as Erin tried to reassure himself, Lady Palladine, with a bewitching smile, whispered something in his ear. The flame burst from Erin’s eyes looking at it.

‘What are you secretly talking about? ‘

But contrary to her wishes, the duke nodded and rose from his seat, escorting The Lady Palladine and stepping away. 

The place facing the Duke and Lady Palladine was a terrace separated by a door and used as a place of secret rendezvous for lovers.

‘Why are you two alone in a place like that? ‘

Erin, who was biting her lips and looking at them, grabbed the hem of her dress and chased after them.

“It wasn’t normal, either.”

“It was a really good match. I don’t know why they broke up. Have you heard anything?”

As she traversed the interior of the hall, the names of Duke and Lady Palladine rose up and down in people’s mouths. Erin passed by, spilling out of their spitting words, saying that he who was a married man was well-matched with another woman.

As the terrace drew closer, she could see the man and woman staring at each other were clearly visible through the gaps of the closed door. 

Erin could not bear to see the door fully closed, and she hid herself behind a round post that was out of people’s sight, with her eyes glued to her hand. She can’t miss it, and it made her heart ache.

“I didn’t expect you to come.”

“I’m just here for work.”

“You’re still listening to me like this.”

Rowan leaned against the terrace railing and stared at the bewitching beauties who is trying to seduced him. Claire Palladine, a typical aristocratic woman, was once considered the most suitable for his marriage. 

But it was strange. Now he couldn’t even feel a grain of favor with her now. In the past, there seems to have been some inspiration for the appearance or sexual attraction, but now when he turn around, the face seems so blurry that he can not remember.

‘On the other hand, she’s exceptionally clear-cut. ‘

However, it is strange to know that the soul is smeared like a light cut out in a colorless world. Although the magic is only won in the phase where it was cast.

‘Why are you here when you clearly hate the party? ‘

Before entering the terrace, Rowan unexpectedly found Erin in the hall. From then on, his nerves began to focus on one place. 

As Roan raised his hand to his forehead to hide his gaze as he continued to head out the door, Claire slowly stroked his arm as she stepped up. 

“No matter how hard you try, i’ll never forget you. Can’t you give me a chance?”

“Chance, what’s the point? “

“I don’t want to have you completely. Just give me a fraction of your time.”

“Take it away.”

Roan cast her hands as if they were stingy and with her grieving confession.  He came to this place with the idea of cutting it out cleanly with her, but he could not delay it at a time because he was concerned about Erin who is outside. 

 “You must have said clearly from the beginning that it was to prevent her from marrying the emperor’s political party.”

“You were the one who unilaterally broke the contract!”

“So I’m here with you with my last courtesy? I’ve paid enough for the contract.”

“I’m not hoping for a price! Just my heart to you-“

Claire sobbed and stumbled while she leaned over him.

“Then spit out what you want and get the fuck off.”

Rowan pushed her clinging body roughly and snapped open the door of the terrace.

Inside the hall, people’s eyes were drawn to him at once. Looking around, Rowan found Erin at the last place he had seen her. 

Behind a nearby pillar, she was dreaming her head out, then hurriedly hid herself before their eyes met. Rowan turned his head blankly, pretending not to see her, only to be impressed by the unpleasant feeling of being pushed in.

‘This woman is real, why is she hiding when she sees me?’

It was annoying to see her hiding in the market, even here and now. Suddenly thirsty, he snatched a glass of champagne from a passing server and drank champagne.


At that time, a dull sound was heard. I could hear a woman’s little scream. Reflectively, his head flipped. The hem of Erin’s skirt peeped behind the pillar, hesitating to see if she had fallen.

What are you doing? Rowan stepped towards him, and the Count son who appeared suddenly took hold of her hand and raised it up.

Why is that playboy with my wife?

Erin, who blushed, smiled shyly as he talked to her. Smile?  What’s good to smile at? And it wasn’t the first time he have seen her with him. 

Rowan threw a glass of champagne that he was holding onto the floor and walked as fast as if  he was running. Unbelievably, my forty put his hand on her body and stroked it quietly.

What’s he doing?


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