Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 3 (22)

Part 3: The Spring Breeze in the Mountains (22)

The day of the ball was finally approaching. Erin, who had been standing in front of the office was fidgeting since lunch, skims up and down as soon as she was confronted by a smiling Duke. 

“My last moon is here-” 

“You don’t get acne?”


As the Duke approached to hug her with his arms open, Erin stopped as she spun around with her back.

“Too tall, shoulders too wide. Why hair color is mysterious. It’s too cool.”

“Thank you for your words.What’s wrong with your face? Did I do something wrong?”

“It’s because of my mood. Your Grace. I’m very good.”

Erin knew that he was very childish. She first realized that jealousy was such a heart-breaking emotion. It wasn’t just a paradigm problem. The Duke was popular with women despite his marriage. The duke’s relationship with the lady reflected in Erin’s eyes has been so clean that it has been forgotten.

“You’re going to prepare for the ball now, aren’t you?”

“Yes. You can’t have missed me today already.”

The sweet voice for her, the affectionate look of his eyes, but Lex, who seemed at first thoughtless, was cruel.

“Take care of yourself.”

“It’t already time to go?”

“I have work to do.”

Erin turned around and grabbed the duke, but when he refused, she turned away. 

She returned to the room with heavy steps and found the magic book hidden in the room.

[Magic to Make Your Wishes Come True] 

She sat on the couch, comforting herself, saying it was a good book to read at the same time. 

“What? It’s–“

A sheet of gold leaf fell fluttering over her knees. It was Captain ball director, who had forty years of age met at the bookstore, sandwiched between her books. On the surface was the clear text of Count Savahn’s crest.

“Lady Palladine is also in attendance because she’s interested in the Ball.”

She was reminded of what he had said. This was the invitation to the party,  Erin realized with a glanced at the invitation as if it were a battle. It turns out that the recipient was not specified.

Shiny, the gold leaf emblem that received the light as if provoking her trembled. 

The hem of the dress, adorned with aristocratic dress, was as heavy as her heart. Erin grabbed the veil that covered the entire face and squeezed it down, biting her lips.

It was very impulsive, but it seemed better to be able to clear it directly with her eyes or she suffered from naivety.  

‘It’ll be okay. No one knows my face.’

It was polite to inform the host at least a month before the top nobility, such as the duchess, will attend the party. Although she did not attend with the Duke on the pretext of an aide was sent back in advance, but she remember the fox-like face of Lady Palladine. It was also impulsive to say that none of the nobles other than the duke knew Erin. She hesitated for a while, and eventually came here, without knowing what to check. 

The residence of Count Savahn was larger and more glamorous than expected. 

“Come in, please.”

When she had to get out of the rented carriage alone, She was greeted by a countess’s butler.  Erin was able to get inside without asking any questions, just by showing the invitation given by Cain. 

The interior of the spacious hall, decorated with all kinds of ornaments, was reflected by the lights in the sun. The spacious hall was already filled with people dressed up from head to toe. As Erin came in, some of the people at the door looked back, but in the end, they turned their attention to the endless crowds and paid no attention to her.

‘Let’s go back after a very short time.’ 

She took off her veil and stood at the entrance, looking around. On the dance floor, couples were dancing and people huddled together to talk.

Certainly the aristocratic outfits were much richer and more sophisticated than Favin, but the unique arrogant and pretentious atmosphere was no different. Erin recalled a party in Favin, which was filled with mocked and ridicule, and her memory was horrifying that she rubbed arms. 

At that time, she had learned to avoid the eyes of people in such a place, much better than in poor quality interest.

‘You’ll write what you learned then.’

Erin’s scrambled around the people and frolicked around.

Finding a Duke was surprisingly easy. The inside of hall was exceptionally crowded with people, and others were still squeezing over them.

She could see the Duke leaning against the chair with his legs crossed through the crowd. He turned over all his gray hair, revealed his forehead, and dressed in a black, silver lotus suit, he was as shrewd as usual as an aristocrat. It certainly wasn’t much different from what she saw in the castle earlier, but the atmosphere looked different when she saw it in such an official ceremony. There was a strong atmosphere of a ruler who could not dare be offended easily.

‘Why do you look cooler?’



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