Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 3 (21)

Part 3: The Spring Breeze in the Mountains (21)

When Mary handed over a tray of unhandled refreshments to the kitchen with a worried look on her face, the chef came out and asked.

“There were food left behind. Do you feel unwell?” 

“That’s not it. I think she have a problem.”

“Are you troubled? “

Cain, the Count son, fell into thought with a worried look. Then, after a while, he came up with a clear wrong answer. 

“She don’t have a baby? If She’s depressed for no reason -“

“No. If she don’t want to worry, please don’t worry about it.”

She’s still depressed when she talks about the baby, Mary raised her eyes furiously toward the tactless chef. The heart was grateful but came useless.

Their Madam were basically gentle and bright, so she was very easy to serve. To exaggerate, she was so mindless and naive that she was so optimistic that she feared how she might have lived in the rough world.

She did nothing, even though she would try to take a share of or be strong  to be establish to place in a foreign country, as she was dragged from one country to another in blood. She didn’t take her own things so much that Mary would take care of them first. And it was a common habit not only for her but for everyone in the castle.

“She is not homesick, is she?”

The butler, Benjamin, came in without any indication.

“She miss he deceased mother, but she don’t tell the story of Favin at all. Not long ago, she said said that it’s so good now that it’s like a dream.”

When Mary denied it, a middle-aged gentleman in his fifty-somethings began to sing the troubled woman’s heart. Mary peeked out.

“Isn’t it because your majesty was too busy these days? You didn’t have any hobbies.”

“You’re lonely, no way! Your majesty treats you so much!”

“Yes, I’d rather be more homesick!”

Two men disapproved of her before she was finished. The Duke’s love affair seemed to leave no room for him. But it was different from the men’s point of view, and from Mary’s point of view.

Women tend to expect a lot of things from their loved ones. But she never asked the Duke to do anything first. Even though her husband worked for a few days, even if he had been away for a long time for an inspection of the land, she quietly leaned on him without fuss or irritation. On the contrary, there were times when she refused to take time with him first so as not to disturb his work while with one’s face full of regret.

She looked for help from her husband, but she paid no attention to the social life or the livelihood of the duchess, as did the other ladies.

At the beginning of the marriage, she had said that when the butler tried to pass on the economic power of the castle.

“Please do it until I get used to it.”

he reached out to the conversation. 

“No, it’s going to be more uncomfortable.” 

“But I’m not worried. More than anything else, the Peruka family was in a precious hand.”

“They are both still young and healthy, so what’s the matter with you? If you show the mistress that kind of face, she’ll worry for you.”

Mary was still afraid to say a word to the Duke, who was not by her side, but Mary placed her hands on her waist and firmly covered her. And before the uncles added a sorority, he quickly rolled his arms and cut it off. 

“I’ll ask you well. Don’t worry too much.”

“Yes, there’s no child who cares as well as you. I’m asking you.”

Mary, who had sent the butler and the chef to her mother, had her head curled. She was so touched by the sensation of fire of what she heard earlier.

‘Why do you feel sad for a woman who has nothing to envy in the world?’

Perhaps the sense of harmony is Ma’am’s agony. Mary shook her head for a while. For the lady, who is the object of all women’s envy, the worry about this run may be a real “Duke.”


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