Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 3 (20)

Part 3: The Spring Breeze in the Mountains (20)


Erin’s scream leaked through the door. As the flying Duke burst opened the door, the maids tightening the corset of Erin were frightened and released their hands.

The duke ran frowning and screamed at the maids, releasing the corset that had confined her waist.

“What are you doing? My wife is suffering. “

Holding on to the pillars of the bed, Erin was breathing  heavily and looking back at the Duke.

“Your Grace, no. I was just trying on a dress. This dress is supposed to look pretty when you have a small waist.”

She hurriedly grabbed the angry Duke’s arm and let the maids go out. The bedroom door was closed and only the two of them were left, Erin, sat loosely on the bed. The Duke sat by her side and completely unhooked the corset.

“Thank you. I was really choked. What was it?”

“You don’t have to wear uncomfortable clothes. You can wear anything prettily, why do you have to work like this?”

“The process of fashion is a hassle itself. Well, worse than that. I have something to ask you something.”

Erin hesitated and asked, looking affectionately at the Duke while stroking his arm.

“Well… …are you going to the ball? “

“The ball? “

“The ball that Miss Palladine said.”

“I have to attend. The official debutante ball and need to learn their faces.”

“A ball for debutante? “


The Duke smiled and looked into her face. When she saw his eyes filled with bright affection, she was swallowed the words inside her throat, she was about to ask if she should go because of jealousy.

If it was a debutante dance, it was bigger than she thought. It was common for couples to attend the ball, and for debutantes, the couple of the highest status among the participants had to announce the beginning. If there was no wife, it was customary to dance with a woman of similar status. She don’t think the fox will miss that chance.

Erin was filled with grief biting her small lips. The best thing would be for her to attend together. But fear was ahead.

She attend at the ball for her debut at Favin. She have gone through hell, who had endure a severe stomachache, was told to drink alcohol over her limit, and to had bark like a poodle. She was left out because she was not good enough and had to stand alone looking at the wall because she was ostracized for being “illegitimate” for defiling his seat and she not being asked to dance.

As the shame and pain of that moment came to mind, Erin shrugged her shoulders.

“I know you don’t like that place. You don’t have to go.”

She asked, leaning on the hand of the Duke who was stroking her head.

“Did you feel uncomfortable because I have not been in the official position?”

“Inconvenience? I’m more uncomfortable being in a position you don’t want. I wish I could stay where you like. I’ll do that for you.”

“I’m sorry, I’m not good enough.”

The duke took her in his arms and quickly reached out.

“I don’t mean that. The hostess’s seat has long been vacant, so you don’t have to do anything there will be no problem. But I mean you’re much better at being around.”

“I have a favor to ask, Lex.”

“Tell me anything.”

“If you have something you don’t like about me, can you tell me right away?”

The narrow-eyed Duke stared at her. Without this expression, she was very confused with the original Duke. She touched the invisible scar on the tip of his gray eyebrows gently as he frowned. He asked in a subdued voice, holding her hand and his lips inside of her tender wrist.

“Hate about you, it’s so outrageous to me. Why are you asking?”

“If you don’t like anything about me, please tell me immediately. I want to hear from you directly.”

 “It’s never going to happen. No matter how much I love you, I cannot help feeling sorry for the miss time.”

Lex’s decisive voice sounded sweeter than before, but that is not his “sincerity.” If it is the original Duke.

“Why frown? Do you mind my touch?”

“Yes? Yes?”

Erin, who was caught in the arms of the Duke, was surprised. While she was in serious agony, the Duke, who untied the Corset’s leash, suddenly took off the rest of her clothes and groped over her thin underwear. When did you take it off like this?!

As she stared blankly, the duke took off his jacket and shirt and said scrupulously.

“You are ashamed of being naked alone. I’ll take it off too. “

“It’s still daylight, Your Grace. “

“Shall I draw the curtains to the dark? “

“That’s not the problem. “


“I don’t want to interrupt your work.”

“Erin, I’m the one who interferes with your time. You don’t want to interrupt. Are you telling me to go back now?”

“You can’t!”

“Then what’s the problem? “

Before she knew it, the Duke was taking off his pants and showing off his solid body. Erin swallowed her dry saliva watching his muscles dilute.

“Well, what’s the problem? My shallow patience? Or maybe the Grace is too cool to say – “

The Duke held her in his arms and laid her on the bed before she was finished speaking. Erin raised her arms and hugged him, and she bowed his head and leaned her head against his shoulder and rubbed in it.

“The problem is you doubt my heart about you. Will you never say that again? I’ll punish your pretty lips until you promise.”

His affectionate words and his hot flesh. This man was so  eager that he could not refuse even lying because he was so desperate that he wanted her. Erin smiled as she hugged the man who was trying to reach her even more.


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