Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 3 (2)

Part 3: The Spring Breeze in the Mountains (2)

She wriggled her way out of the question. Rowan’s face grew fiercer.

“It didn’t work.”

“But I don’t know anything else that could work.”

The point crawled so that her voice could not be heard. Rowan realized it once again, seeing a series of scars on her small palm.

He and Erin had a distinctly different purpose in finding out the “magic.” 

In the greenhouse he asked her to find out some of the magic, but he didn’t expect to get results. If she had a clue, she wouldn’t be fooled by the fairy tale book she have ever hidden.

But there’s no way. Even so, thinking of making cuts in her own hands, it was obvious that she had a strong personality. They should not be so lax in monitoring on her as much.

Roan wrapped the bandage roughly, letting go, and warned her.

“If you find out something, be sure to get permission from me before you run it yourself.”

“Yes? But…”

“If you do as you please, I’ll assume there’s another meaning.”


“The answer.”


“Stop. Get out.”

Erin hesitated for a moment as Rowan waved his hand and issued a congratulatory call without seeing it. But as he wriggled his eyebrows and hardened his face, he soon flustered down.


She closed the door before she could even get out, and a curled brown hair stuck in the door and a small screamed was heard. He opened the door, pulled her head out, and her eyes looked ridiculous, and she hurriedly closed the door and disappeared.

‘That woman is my wife…….’

A political marriage would have been better decided by the emperor. The desirable wife that Rowan wanted was a noble woman who was calm and quiet, able to fully understand and carry out the position of the duchess. Not an ignorant country girl who craves her husband’s love like that.

Rowan could only think rationally when she disappeared completely in front of him. Today, why did reason come back today? He was immersed in thought, and he saw only pink in front of his eyes, realized where he was standing, and chewed.


Erin, who was kicked out of her bedroom, touched her head with a sullen look and wandered around the hall when she encountered an urgent-looking aide, Lawrence.

 “If you have a message, he was stay in my bedroom.”

As she kindly suggested, Lawrence, who stared with a puzzled look, apologized for his gibberish rudeness and disappeared.

“Madam! Why are you here? What’s wrong with your head?”


Mary, holding a refreshment tray, called her with a surprised look. Erin smiled awkwardly and fumbled.

“Your Grace is suddenly busy, so I don’t need any refreshments.”

“Oh, you must have been very busy.”

Yes, Lex seemed to be free. Mary did not look a little different from how Lawrence look. It was not that they did not understand what they were surprised. No matter how busy he was, he would threw his job when it  had something to do with her.

Erin, who felt sorry for the gap in the situation, realized that she had a brimful of hair in her hands, which was also scratching her head. Mary said kindly to Erin, who touched her head with a twitch.

“Then I’ll put your hair back up.”

After confirming the Duke’s return to his office, Erin entered the bedroom and looked around her room in a new way. Overall, it was almost as extravagant as it was when compared to the frugal and ascetic atmosphere of charm. The Duke made it up for her with an expert.


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