Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 3 (19)

Part 3: The Spring Breeze in the Mountains (19)

Meanwhile, Roan, who was working in the Office, called Benjamin, the butler.

“Get my wife’s expense report for this year.”

“Sorry, no.”


“Madam never looked for money personally. The amount set by your Grace remains the same. “

“I didn’t write one. Go? “

“Yes, Your Grace. “

While signing the document, Rowan almost broke his feather pen. He threw his pen away with a frown and asked again.

“And what about dresses or jewelry? “

“They are covered with a gift from the Lord.”

“It was a year ago. “

“The maids always say they don’t need new ones. “

When the owner’s voice was upset, Benjamin hurriedly lowered his body, but he just showed off his warmth as if there was nothing more to say.

‘So you didn’t have any money, did you?’

Rowan was still unable to admit that his wife had tried to borrow from him with “three gold coins.”

He was never stingy in money to spend on a woman. At the beginning of the marriage, a lot of money was designated for the wife’s allowance. To cash in, sshe only had to write down the amount on the check book stamped by the duke. But how did she live without touching it?

“The castle is your space.”

Casually she reminded him of this castle as if it was she was a stranger. He don’t know why, but Rowan felt very annoyed. Is this unpleasant feeling now the same context as it?

Benjamin, who noticed, added as an excuse.

“I told you before, Your Grace has asked to honor her will.”

“Honor? That my wife doesn’t have a penny in her hand…”

Rowan stopped talking in anger. He was confused exactly where to get angry.

He would rather feel less bad about her wearing a suitable dress. My ah, she don’t have enough money to wander, this was a question of pride as a man. For whatever reason she had married him, she was a woman of his own responsibility, and her dignity was directly linked to the Duke’s face.

‘What the hell am I supposed to do with her?’

She was neither an enemy nor an ally. You can’t hurt, you can’t beat The closer you know, the more you get to know, the more you can’t believe it.

Leaving the tense butler out, Rowan leaned back in his chair.

But suddenly he realized it.

He had been thinking about her for a long time, but he was still able to think reasonably.

As his thoughts went all the way to here, he suddenly got bright as if he had received a response. In fact, in his head, she smiled brightly and floated in the light.

“Oh, my lark is so frugal. If you don’t like money, why don’t you build a nest of gold?”

Rowan, muttering in a smile, rose from his seat. Erin, his wife who he was so desperate to see.


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