Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 3 (18)

Part 3: The Spring Breeze in the Mountains (18)

The next day, Erin saw the bag on her dressing table and hugged it with great joy. Rather than getting the books back, she was more pleased that the Duke was not so heartless as to throw away other people’s things at will.

She rummaged through her bags and began to read while she was appreciating.

But after a while.

“This is ridiculous!”

Erin threw away her old book. It was a book titled “The Magic Reality in a Fairy Tale.” The content itself was not bad. Her conscience was the only problem.

Taking away the true love of a beautiful couple from fairy tales has always been the theme of “magic.” Magic was the death of evil. He turned the prince into a frog or a beast and put him in pain. Only the princess with true love always saved them. Even the reason the princes were enchanted was the ugly jealousy of witches who could not have a prince.

So She was like a witch who took the prince by magic. Suddenly, a beautiful lady Palladine, who was looking at the Duke, came to mind. He was very good with the princess, who is the main character in the fairy tale.

Suddenly Erin was so impatient with her ridiculous jealousy. Yes, she was very concerned, even though she knew there was nothing helpful.

‘After 15 days, I said I’d meet you at the ball of Count Savahn.’

Erin, who hid the book well, called Mary to ask.

“Where are the party bosses who came to me?”

“My wife told me to burn them all, so I put them together. Your assistant handles the important case separately.”

To deal with would be to send a letter of refusal.

“Get me the invitations for the upcoming party that’s scheduled.”

“Really? “

Mary opened her eyes wide and looked very surprised. It was remarkable that she was the one who didn’t seem to see the invitations of your wives.

“Is there any place you’d like to attend?”

“No, I know what you’re trying to see.”

“When, where are you?”

“Well, I don’t know yet…”

“Madam! You’re not a month or two? There’s one or two things I need to prepare. Dress, jewelry!”

“-I’m not sure yet.”

Mary, who looked at her with a half-hearted look, smiled and leaned back.

“Yes, I’ll bring it to you.”

As she goes out, Erin, who has become vain for some reason, sits on the couch. And she looked down at her clothes. When she recalled the look of the Duke who had embarrassed her and lady Palladine, who was seducing him openly, a sense of jealousy rose and blurred her eyes.

Until now, she didn’t think the Duchess’s position was her place. At first, she couldn’t afford to accept the sudden situation and take it seriously. Afterwards, she felt that she had borrowed another person’s seat for a while, so she stumbled into getting used to a comfortable life. she tried to live like a shadow so that no trace of her would be left when the magic disappeared.

But it occurred to her that might not be the only thing that could be good. This is because she has decided not to leave him because she has been greedy for the Duke Lex.

But what can she do, who lived like nobody could she dare to imitate my Duchess. Is it really her?

She was so absorbed in magic that she didn’t even know she had forgotten the important thing. It wasn’t magic that mattered, it was her “Duke” who she love. 


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