Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 3 (17)

Part 3: The Spring Breeze in the Mountains (17)

Seeing the faint laughter in the Duke’s eyes looking at the Lady Palladine, Erin was frustrated, clenching her fists and biting her lips.

“Did you receive an invitation from Count Savahn?”

“Troublesome things have increased.”

“There are a lot of people looking forward to your presence. I seldom come to the party these days. The lives of ordinary people are important, but our nobles take care of them. We are also your people.”

“The people of His Grace, they will be excited. So am I.”

“Yes. So your Grace, with my earnest hope, I will ask you to meet at the ball after the full moon.”

Lady Palladine raised her white gloved hand over the Duke’s arm. Naturally, the Duke received that hand leaned and nodded lazily at her words.

“I was going to go somewhere, but now that you say so, I can’t say no.”

The couple next to each other went very well together. Erin bit her lips harder, staring at her hand that was touching his arm.

The Duke, raising his mouth and listening to her, suddenly looked back at Erin. Thus, Palladine’s eyes also glanced her.

“Do not.”

The Duke turned to her and spoke coldly.


As the surprised Erin stepped back, the Duke touched her lip bitterly and glanced at her eyes.

“You hurt your pretty lips.”

“…Your Grace? “

“No. The only one allowed to hurt you should be me. Don’t you know? I have never allowed myself to hurt you.”

The Duke’s tone toward her was no match for the honeyed voice of Lady Palladine just before. As if he had forgotten the existence of the lady, the Duke found Erin’s hand and asked in a sorry tone.

“Why are you mad? What did I do wrong?”

It was Lex. Erin delight leave and unconsciously caught the eye of Lady Palladine. She was staring at the Duke with a look of astonishment, with her eyes wide open and her mouth wide open.

Erin grabbed the Duke’s arm, made eye contact with him, and tinged her lips.

‘You can’t do this here. This is not my responsibility. ‘

“Uh? I can’t hear you well.”

As she bent over and put his ear near her mouth, she met eyes with Lady Palladine over his back. Her eyes were a mixture of embarrassment, amazement, jealousy, and contempt.

This woman still loves the Duke. At the moment of realization, Erin have a heavy feeling sat down on her chest.

She looked away and grasped the Duke’s arm.

“Let’s go back, Your Grace.”


The lady Palladine, who was looking at the Duke, wrapped his arms and strode as she was finishing her speech, called from behind.

“Your Grace?”

As Erin, who had hesitated, turned around, Lady Palladine deliberately glanced from head to foot. In a furtive glance at her status, Erin took a short breath and raised her chin.

“I’ll skip the greeting because I’m busy.”

The Duke hugged Erin, who turned around without hearing the answer of lady  Palladine. Then he poked his lips and whispered in her ear.

“Why won’t you tell me why you’re angry?”

“I’m not angry. Your Grace is angry.”

“To you? Can’t you? “

Erin ignored the bitter backache and whispered in the ear of the Duke.

“I didn’t know you didn’t like circus.”

“I have bad memories, so I’ll call the acrobat to my castle instead.”


“Yes. If I knew you liked it, I’d show it to you.”

It was just a walk to the carriage, but Erin had no problem walking alongside the friendly Lex. Before she burned with jealousy, she didn’t know how grateful the timely magic was.

As soon as she grabbed the hand of the Duke, which the body temperature was very warm.


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