Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 3 (16)

Part 3: The Spring Breeze in the Mountains (16)

On the subject of what he said was scary, the Erin opened her eyes to him. Rowan smirked when the woman who didn’t even reach his shoulder sprang up towards him, made eye contact and became angry.

“Your Lex?” 

“Yeah. Lex don’t swear at me.”

“Good. You’ll hear it now.”

“No, please don’t dirty Lex’s mouth!”

“It’s my mouth, shit.”

Rowan looked and blink when he saw Erin lift the bag up heavily again. 

“What the hell did you learn from those things?”

“Oh, no!”

He robbed her of her bag and threw it away. Out of sight, the knight who had been guarding them ran over and accepted the bag. But Erin, who had not seen it, opened her eyes and tried to chase him away. Rowan reached out and blocked her way.

“Learn again properly. “

“What are you learning?”

“How to keep your husband from getting angry.”

“Lex is not angry.”

“I’m angry.”


Erin, who alternated her eyes between the side where the bag flew, asked in amazement. 

“Do you recognize me as my wife now?”

“What did you hear me so far? “

“You didn’t say anything, you got angry.”

In a small earl’s den, which the green eyes blinked and saw him in stead of curled lips, Rowan frowned unknowingly. She looked like a relentless bell. At the same time, a feeling of self-destruction was pushed back. The songbird is not the word from her book. 

When Roan’s mouth was up, Erin followed him with a blind eye. She tried not to let go if he had left herself looking for a bag, but she noticed it unexpectedly.

On the way.

At the cross road.

“Wow, it’s a circus!”

As he soon turned his eyes, she exclaimed, pointing her fingers at the colorful red cloth.

“I’m curious! I’ve never seen it before.”

When Rowan tried to drag her, who was so busy looking at the circus tent that she could hardly walk, Erin stepped back.

“Then I’ll go now. Go back safely. “

He leaned back, bowed politely, and stared at the back of the girl, who had no regrets.

‘Please let him turn to Lex. ‘

Erin felt sorry for him and prayed earnestly with her hands together. Her wish had just come true. A market date with Lex. Moreover, even the circus, which only had ever been seen in the book, but the work of the magic had no sign of being lift or granting her wish.

“Stop. Just move one step from there. “

As he stood firm, Rowan, standing with his arms crossed, raised his chin and decisively threatened.

“Even if I’m alone – “

“No. “

Erin nodded, sadly looking at the circus tent. Yeah, you wouldn’t know if I sneak in. I’m afraid I’m going to be too much when I’m caught.

Unfortunately, Erin, who had given up neatly and turned around, mumbled at him. 

“I have a request. “


“Why? You don’t know what it is.”

“I hate circus.”

“I know you don’t like it that much, so I won’t recommend it again.”

The Duke with narrowed eyes looked down at her. Suddenly she thought it was a surprise. The Duke was answering back to her even though he had a sour look on his face. Maybe that’s why Erin asked with her eyes closed.

“Would you like to visit the market once?”


“Not now. Later. I want to come back with your permission.”

She pleaded awkwardly. It’s not much, so she hope he’ll listen to it.

But the Duke flatly refused.


“Can’t you? You’re always on inspection anyway.”

“What are we going to do here?”

“Well, buy something delicious and eat it. Let’s look at some interesting things. “

“Is it not enough just to be in the castle? “

“That’s right. But the castle is the space of your gace. When you come here, you feel like you are traveling-“

“The castle is my space? “

His voice suddenly lowered. Huh, what did I say? Erin was surprised and blinked, but the Duke approached and threatened.

“You are my wife-“

But the face of the Duke, who looked over her shoulder, became obscure and stopped. An extremely classy and feminine voice has been heard in a far.

“Your Grace.”

Turning around, a woman in a bright yellow dress bowed gracefully toward the Duke.

The Lady Palladine.

“I was near, and I heard about you, so I came to see you.”

It happened that she was nearby, so her clothes were perfect from head to toe, as if she had been to a lady’s tea party. She wore a smile that didn’t suit the market floor at all. Palladine ignored the Erin who was standing nearby, and approached the Duke of Peruka.

Erin looked back at the Duke’s face, but she could not tell whether he liked it or not. However, the manner in which people greet each other with a bow and make eye contact with each other was certainly elegant and graceful, unlike the way they treated Erin.

Hurt by his discrimination, Erin bites her lips and glances at her.

‘Why is it the same color as me?’

It was a contrast between a colorful butterfly and a slimy moth. Erin stood back a few more steps, bowing her head as if she were hiding her face without even realizing it.

In the meantime Lady Palladine went to the duke and whispered.

“You’re still a child. Don’t hesitate to come to this place and take a look at the lives of ordinary people. That’s what you’ve done before.”

“I just got out for work.”

“Under the lord’s reign, it’s really different. I’m really impressed with your wise and generous rule.”

“I’m just doing what I need to do.”

“Your Grace is too modest. “

She must have had some honey on her tongue. How can you spit out such sweet words? Why are you so beautiful?


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