Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 3 (15)

Part 3: The Spring Breeze in the Mountains (15)

Rowan, who had misheard,lowered his head further and she said again.

“Three gold coins will do.”


“Two gold coins…”


“Even one…”

One gold coin? Rowan couldn’t believe what he heard with his ear, and almost forgot his face and swung his ear.

“What are you talking about?”

“I found a book that I wanted, and the money I brought is not enough. I can’t even pay my credits.”


“I’ll pay back. I don’t know when I’ll be back here.”

Erin, holding her hands together, looked up at him with a big green eye. Rowan was so outrageous that he took the entire bag of gold from his arms and handed it over. But she took only three gold coins out of her pocket, returned them, and hurried back with a light walk.

With the bag of gold returned in his hand, Rowan glared at her back, wearing a bright dress and scarf like a chick.

‘My wife is famous, but she doesn’t have three gold coins?’

The Duchess of Peruka is borrowing money from others, and the shock is overwhelming. Her usual hairpin would be worth a few dozen gold paintings. The money allotted to her quarterly was worth a small house. But how can you not have any money?

Much to his dismay, he strode into the bookstore. The old man sitting at the mouth of the store opened his eyes and looked at him.

He beckoned to go out, and entered the room, the battleground was so low that he could not stretch out his waist and back. Smaller and shabby than it looked outside, it seemed to be smaller than a stall.

‘Where else did you find out about this?’

Unaware that she was being watch, she was pondering  in front of a few pile of dirty books.

He glanced at the titles of the books.

[The Lord can’t live without Jay!]

[Capture The Iron Blood Ryan]

[The Spacial magic under the witch’s skirt] 

Her expression was very serious, stroking the cover with her fingertips. 

“This is a magic book?”

The exhausted man spoke his tongue, and Erin turned in a fit of surprise.

“Je, it’s my hobby!”

Her face was red, and she hid the books between the other books. 

Roan alternated between the old books and her, and then struck with an unpleasant idea.

“I don’t think you’re going to see me eat it. Um!”

Even before his words were over, Erin jumped out and suddenly shut his mouth. In the touch of a fluffy palm that touched his lips, Roan confided in her. 

“What are you doing?”

She muttered, with her head bent down with a red face.

“Too much. When you like it…”

“Who likes it?””

“I didn’t mean to use it on you, either.”

“Just try it.”

“You definitely liked it. . “

“So who liked it?”

“That’s why Lex.”

Erin’s face was bursting red and her voice crawling in less than a penny. Even a big knight could shut one’s mouth with a glance, how can he not stop this little girl’s mouth. Rowan sighed while watching the low ceiling that seem to collapse.

He left the bookstore first, as if he were avoiding something, as if he were going to keep his mouth shut with this.

Erin, who followed one step later, made an excuse rather than a hint of him.

“It’s a little bit of money if you sell it again. I’ll give you interest on the money I borrowed.”

At first glance, her bag was bulging. In the end, it was clear that she had bought all the books she had lined up. When it was inevitable, she seemed to pull a palm book out of the bag. 

[Magic entity in fairy tales]

“I’m sure this is a magic book! “

Haa, Rowan sighed with a long sigh of profanity, which he couldn’t get out of his mouth.

“I wish I had come with Lex. “


“I wanted to go to the market with you. “

Her voice, which muttered as if to herself, had a deep regret. 

It wasn’t a sight. She and he are just walking across the market to get to the carriage. With that one step away, too.

Rowan glanced back at her closely chasing after him and asked her suspiciously.

“Why didn’t you ask?”

 “You’re always busy. I don’t want to interfere with your Grace’s work.”

It’s all bad, but it’s all worth it. Erin had never asked him to do anything. It was always him to seek her first. When he came running away from work, she even tried to send him back. He was a madman who fell in love, but his work was not interrupted.

Rowan looked at Erin again, which he liked very much as a ‘wife’. 

The women he knew had bothered him and had been a constant nuisance to him. When there was a slight loss, there were always so many demands, as if they had the right to do so.

But when the temperature drop slightly, Rowan  eyes turned towards Erin, his eyes stopped looking at her bag, which was bulging. He changed his mind.

No. That may not be the only problem.

She didn’t ask for anything, but he took care of it first and did everything for her. She didn’t ask for it directly, but in the end, he’s moving as she says, so she might be higher-level.

As Roan stared suspiciously at the bulging bag with a cold gaze, she opened her eyes as she lifted the bag with both hands.

“Are my books so annoying?”

As a matter of course, instead of an answer, he snorted, and after a moment of thought, Rein smiled with her cheeks flushed.

“In fact, I’ve learned a lot from books.”

“What did you learn from those books?”

“I’m afraid I had very few horses. My mother  went away early and I don’t have any friends. The book taught me a lot of things. Even when I’m with his Grace, I have only a romance book that tells me about relationships between man and woman.”

“It’s a relationship between a man and a woman?”

“Yes, how to treat your husband, or the love of a woman.”

Love? So, are you really spitting out that you’ve learned to treat me with what was on the books? 

While Roan was stunned, it seemed to be invaluable and embraced the book in her arms. And hardly say in an audible sound.

“I’m glad I’ve seen this book, or I’d be surprised and die of a heart attack.”

You look so hot. She barely breathed out the last words, such as self-talk. Rowan picked it up and asked her what she had the most, most, and greatest questions in this situation.

“You don’t know anything scary about that mouth, do you?”

“It’s scary if you say it, of course.”

“But how do you talk back to me as if I’m not scary?”

Erin stepped back and rolled her eyes.

“You look like Lex. No, he’s actually the same person. Lex listens to me very well.


Rowan growled, so Erin embraced the bag like a shield and stepped back a few more steps.

“Hey, you always get scared when you look at me.”

“He’s crazy about accepting everything, I’m not angry.”

“Don’t swear at my Lex as a bastard! 


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