Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 3 (14)

Part 3: The Spring Breeze in the Mountains (14)

Rowan frowned as she called for an answer. The magic books was secretly sending people to collect at random. So there couldn’t be any books available for this market, but he kindly didn’t want to say that. But his wife, a woman, was not reluctant to wander around the market defenselessly.

When he was immobile, Erin sighed and said.

“I’ll leave then. Go back safely.”

When she disappeared out of sight, she had to be deceived again, as if her eyes were missing.

By the way.

Why feel so dirty. He had never been beaten or even looked for anyone in person, pretending to be unaware of anyone. She was the first to do it. But she cut me relentlessly, what’s so easy. When he looked insane, he was very offended when he was subjected to ‘non-discrimination’ against a woman who jumped like a dog.

He turned foolishly, looked back her, and sighed with annoyance. When the magic returned, he would find her anyway, so it was more efficient to stick with her. He needed to keep an eye on what he was doing.

The knights hurriedly followed as they moved. Rowan did not look at them, but he pointed out.

“That woman – “

Pointing at Erin, who was leading by a glance, he stopped talking. He had to change his words because calling his wife ‘that woman’ is different from ‘normal’. He sighed briefly and commanded in a lowered voice.

“I’ll spend time with my wife, so step back from the sight.”

“But it’s a place where there are a lot of obstacles and people, so security is difficult.”

Ugh. As he glared  with annoyance in his eyes, the escort stopped and asked him.

‘What am I doing here?’

The bookstore Erin was looking for was in the back alley famous for its poor quality.

He was glad that the maids and escorts didn’t see this. A small, shabby back alley, palm-only hole shop, barely enough for one adult to pass. He had never been to such a cramped alley on the battlefield. 

Rowan stood helplessly in the dirty alley. This led him to believe that she knew what “embarrassment” she mentioned earlier. But he was more upset that a woman would go around this place alone.

‘You’re not doing anything suspicious by yourself again, are you?’

How long it’s been, Rowan stared at the entrance of the bookstore like a rat hole, and Erin jumped out of the way. Seeing her approaching him at high speed, Rowan reflexively raised his hand to the sword of his waist band and alerted himself.

The breathless woman came close and rose, whispering hurriedly under his chin.

“Your Grace, I’m sorry, but please lend me some money.”



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