Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 3 (13)

Part 3: The Spring Breeze in the Mountains (13)

There was nothing  to feel guilty about, she didn’t do any crime, but it was hard to face the cold looking Duke, not Lex. She quickly moved away from him, lowering herself behind a stall where the fruit had piled up. 

But not long afterwards, good quality shoes stopped her in front.

With only a glance, the Duke with his straight back, stood while looking down at the tip of his chin. Erin picked up anything on the dirt floor and stood up, hiding it in her hands.

“Oh, why did this fall?”

The Duke snorted as she smiled awkwardly. 

“You have dropped the body. Why don’t you pick it up?”

Since you’ve seen me hide, so  can’t you just ignore me? Erin peeped the stone in her hand and looked around, avoiding his gaze. The Duke’s knight stood far away and turned their attention away pretending they didn’t know anything.

‘I’ve been caught by the people in this outfit again.’

She have never encountered anyone before, so strangely with the Duke. She greeted politely, hiding her new red crab face.

“Good morning, Your Highness. SO coincidental to see you here.”

“My wife is doing this on the dirt floor and you must be very happy.”

When the Duke with his arms crossed spoke coldly, Erin made a small protest against him as she shook her head.

“That’s why I’ve been deliberately ignoring you.”

“Now that I’ve spoken to you, do you think there’s anyone who doesn’t know who you are?”

“I do not know the enemy, so if you do not speak, no one will know.”

“Didn’t you think that hiding was more suspicious?”

Although he spoke low, the Duke did not seem to care about the eyes of the people, nor did he care about anyone listening to their conversations. Rather, Erin looked around and lowered her voice

“I’m embarrassed if I’m dressed like this.”

“I told you what it was, I never said it was embarrassing.”

“That’s what you mean.”

“Do you think I’m embarrassed?”

“Are you okay with me then?”


The Duke clenched his lips disapprovingly. Erin, who won the fight but stressed herself as ’embarrassed by her mouth,’ became a cry. She can’t tell him here that she was disguised to try to find a magic book. She sped away and wondered how to get out of this position. 

Rowan, too, gazed at her in anger at having come to such a long talk on the road. Why does his wife do something he doesn’t like every time he sees her? And he could ignore it, but he didn’t know why he was so angry.

As soon as he thought of her while he was at work, he left everything behind and pursued my wife. Her words of going to the village were to be remembered.It was easy to find her even in a crowded space. The brilliant gold was shining brightly in the dirty, bustling corner of the market. 

But it was strange.

Apparently, he had seen her, and the moment Erin pretended to have not seen  him, pretending to be unaware of each other the magic was broken. Even as the indescribable sense of loss struck his whole body, he instinctively chased her after her. Why did he chase her, knowing that he didn’t have to be swayed by her because he had returned? 

‘The magic is eating my sanity.’

Rowan, who did not understand his own behavior, had to bite and cut off. While looking at each other silently for a while, Erin turned first by biting her lips.

“Where are you going?”

Rowan, who reflexively reached out and grabbed her arm, asked, and Erin pouted her lips.

“I’m embarrassed. I’m going to go somewhere without people.”

“Can you stop using the word “embarrassing?”

As his voice was lowered, she muttered, gazing over her shoulder.

“Please pass on the people.”




“…… I have something to look for, not. It’s a book about magic.”

As you can see, Erin, who rolled her eyeballs, sprang up momentarily and whispered in his ear. As the warm breath touched his ears, Rowan’s body trembled as if it had been a surprise attack. 

It was similar to the feeling of trembling when she and his body touched her as she fell from a ladder in the library.

Erin buried her face on his chest and her squiggly hair and floral smell overwhelmed him. What about the small, board-like feeling he held in his arms? Now, the slender wrist of the woman holding it was also small in his hand. 

‘Does my body have already been enchanted?’

When he let go of her wrist, Erin stepped back and stood looking as if asking permission.

“….. Your Grace?”


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