Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 3 (12)

Part 3: The Spring Breeze in the Mountains (12)

When Erin cut in, his expression became strange. It was a contradictory look that was both disappointing and pleasing. 

Erin, who looked cool, hugged the book and bowed her head. 

“Let’s just go.”

“If you’re interested in tarot or magic books, I’d like to introduce you to a few professional bookstores.”

“Professional bookstore, is there a place like that?”

“It’s a bookstore that deals with rare and rare materials.”

It was a good offer. Her strength alone could not find any magic-related material, but Erin couldn’t believe what he meant by being friendly to her and giving her his vexation.

She hesitated, and when she shook her head, she frowned on her good-looking eyebrows.

“You don’t believe me. Would you like to accept this?”

He pulled out a square piece of paper from his arms and pushed it out. At first glance he was holding a brilliant gold-plated invitation.

“It’s a ball that my acquaintance is holding for me.If you attend, you’ll know more about me.”

“I’m grateful, but I don’t fit in that position.” 

“”Mrs. Is very beautiful, but she doesn’t mean anything else.It’s been a while since I’ve just returned from abroad, so I just want to get acquainted with anyone.”

When she heard the words of a man who looked like a fairy with gold powder, Erin blushed. 

“I sincerely apologize for being rude to a modest wife.”

At the end of the speech, the polite bowing of  him to his waist was baffling. Somehow it looked pretentious.v However, she could not refuse to apologize sincerely, so Erin nodded to him. He re-presented the invitation again. 

“This has already left my hand, so please take it. You can throw it away according to lady’s wishes.”

Erin refused, but the giver who inserted the invitation to the magic book she held was a whimsical addition.

“It is said that the Lady Palladine who was interested in the ball and the lady will also attend.”

“Lady Palladine?”

“Do you remember? The Lady who was alongside the Dukes in the Port of Duan.”

Of course she remembered. Come to think of it, this man had seen the Duke dragging her away last time. But he didn’t ask a word about it. Is he deep inside or does he know something?

When he looked suspiciously, she smiled, saying she would not stick any more.

‘You’re handsome, but I can’t tell what’s inside of you.’

Erin simply greeted and left the bookstore without saying more. 

She was interrupted unexpectedly, but she was still glad she got a book.It was a bit expensive than she thought. Erin put the book in a bag woven with bamboo, knew the merchants, and then turned to the bookstore.

She was amazed to see the delicious looking food and trinkets on the stalls.

‘Oh, no way?’

Gray hair was visible above the people’s heads. The tall man’s insatiable spirit, dressed perfectly noblely in a jacket and black tie, was clearly the Duke. 

“What are you doing here? Are you following me?”

It was not clear from the distance whether it was a line or the Duke. Erin looked at him, hiding behind the main dance stall.

The duke stood in the middle of the market in a cool air, dragging escort knights dressed in armor with a gray dragon painted on a gold background. He walked indifferently, and he did not give a single glance when the merchants around him fell to the floor and gave an example. 

By the way, the peacock, who was walking in an overbearing manner, looked back. That was exactly the direction were she was. 

The woman, who followed him and peeked her head out over a wagon loaded with straw, was blinded. As soon as the Duke’s eyes lit a cold light, Erin leaned down and she were sitting on the floor unknowingly. 

‘Oh, you can’t do this,’


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