Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 3 (1)

Part 3: The Spring Breeze in the Mountains (1)

“I’d rather be poisoned.”

Rowan looked abhorrently at what was in his hand. He threw the whole cup out of the balcony with a dry touch and strode away.

His mood, which had just popped up like a cloud, was thrown to the ground in a flash. Why are you doing this here when you’re busy?

“It’s just cocoa!”


The woman who handed him the cup with a broad smile shuddered. It was his wife, who looked small and had big-eyes, smiling in the room, who seemed innocent, naive and foolish to say the least.

She faltered back as if she were frightened but her lips were slicked back.

“I told you not to eat, my favorite, but your grace asked me to, you said you wanted to be together.”

“I think so.”

His cold, sarcastic expression, made the happy expression on Erin’s face disappeared without a trace as the mask he was wearing was broken. She hugged the pillow she was holding with a dead face and stepped back a few steps backward.

 Of course, Rowan also remembered. It was himself who came to visit the woman who was sleeping alone, took a nap together at the balcony, and argued with her. And before she went to pick up a pillow, he apparently cried that he wanted to try and drink cocoa first. He insisted. Even though she told him to stop drinking, but then he even smiled and falsely said that he liked what the songbird wants. He even threw away his afternoon work and threatened to embraced her if she continued to refuse.

But when he was sane again, he didn’t want to drink cocoa, so he better off waking up in bed.

‘What am I thinking now, begging you to eat?’

While admitting that Erin wasn’t doing magic, it seemed that this situation was all her fault when the reason struck a chord. After all, everything happened because of her presence.

It was useless to stay away from Erin. Even today, while working in the office, he remembered her for a very short time. Nevertheless, he immediately rose up and said, “My songbird!” he had to run while shouting it. When the expression of the aide who had been given the instructions and had been flagship, his assistant’s face came to mind.

In this pattern, even if she was sent away to the province, the magic was in full force, and he would run all night to find her.

Struggling with an awkward memory, Rowan shot her and cut it off.

“Don’t get in the way of work.”

“That’s not your Grace-“


“…… Yes.”

Erin nodded with a sulky expression, grabbing his brown curls and banging her forehead.

Why is the hair beating loose? Rowan, who looked displeased with Erin’s dishevels dress, recalled a scene in which she had lost her hairpin.

“The rich feathers of the songbird tickle deep in my soul!”

Holy sh*t. Even though he had clear memories, his tongue seemed to spit out rotting words. Whenever he saw her, he tried to look away because when he remembered her, he realized he was getting caught.

“It’s weird.”

The bandage on her hand looked thicker than ever before. Grabbing that hand, Erin shrugged her shoulders and avoided his eyes as if there was a something interesting on the corner. Hold the hand tight and unwrap the bandages, the number of stab wounds had to become three. Impressions were versed.

“What the hell is this?”

“…… I’ve tried again, by the way.”


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