Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 2 (8)

Part 2: The Frozen Snow Melts (8)

How much time has passed.

“D*mn, my neck hurts.”

The Duke muttered in a low voice. Erin put the book aside and looked down, he pulled himself up and looked back at her.

“Lex, are you awake?”

“I told you not to call me by that name.”

“-… Your Highness.”

The Duke, who put his hand on the back of his neck, squinted at Erin. As if to blame her, she shook her head with her hands.

“I said it would definitely be uncomfortable!”

The duke, staring at her without any expression, asked without intonation.

“Are not you scared?”


“Did you forget I was trying to kill you?”

Of course not. How am I going to forget it? Not once or twice, but I am desperate.

Erin grumbled inward, but tried to keep it short and answered.

“You didn’t kill me.”

“I think it’s not too late now.”

“Do it, do it as you will.”

That’s what he said, but Erin was dragging her hips back, hesitating and trying to get away from him. The peacock spoke slowly, laughing at her.

“It would be nice to stay in prison and be tortured slowly.”

Erin stood up from her chair and turned away from him, she wondered whether she would escape.

He’ll torture me in prison ?!

She was surprised when their eyes met, but somehow she was less scared than before.

Maybe it’s because she practiced holding onto Lex and insisting on her innocence, or because the Duke didn’t want to kill her as soon as he saw her.

She gathered all her courage to straighten her neck and raise her chin.

“Your Majesty. My name is Erin Peruka.”


“I mean I’m your wife. I objected, but your Highness spoke up and reported our marriage to the Imperial Household under the Emperor. Your Majesty, you can’t handle me like you want.”

The Duke’s scar was so soft that it stood out on one eyebrow. It became to noticeable.

“You can just get divorce.”

“You can not do that!”

“It’s a fraudulent marriage.”

He shrugged his shoulders with his cold eyes, but Erin begged, half relieved, to him who did not offer for her to leave.

“A fraud can be done by knowing something. But I do not know what happened, but I feel overwhelmed and frustrated.”

“Are you frustrated?”

The magic keeps unraveling! Erin, who almost said what she had in mind, quickly bit her mouth. She could never say this. Maybe if she did, she would really put her in a prison. When she bit off her lip and talk the Duke twisted her neck from side to side and stood up from the chair.

“What are you hiding?”

“Sue, there is nothing to hide.”

The Duke stood before her. She felt overwhelmed by the pressure on his eyes.

“What are you up to in the greenhouse?”

I don’t think your going to kill me, but I strongly felt that a slip of the tongue would be dangerous. Erin decided to speak frankly. she have never been good at lying since she was a kid.

“I’ve tried to recreate the magic.”


“I want to find out about the magic.”

The Duke’s eyes were squinted with doubt. She added quickly.

“I’ll show you if you want.”

The Duke unfurled his silence a while staring at her. And even lower asked in a wooden comb. Lee.

“Are you a witch?”

“Absolutely not! If you know a witch, please introduce me. I want to ask you what happened.”

Ha, the Duke sighs briefly. Erin made a hard excuse to hit his hands.

“I’m telling you, if I knew how to do something like that, why would I let your magic unravel? And i would have fled from Favin in the first place.”

As he looked at her with an unpleasant cold look, she closed her eyes and prayed inside her heart. Lex, come back. I’m really scared.

The Duke was quiet. She opened her eyes slightly, and the Duke was still glancing at her with a fierce look.

He did not change, Erin was frustrated and the Duke warned.

“If we investigate and find anything suspicious, we’re going straight to the dungeon.”

She looked at him with trembling eyes. She was so scared that her fingertips were cold.

“……Well, you’re going to burn me.”


“I’m the one who benefited from the situation, and I’m the one who did the magic, and then I’m the one who was driven to be a witch.”

“Then prove to me your innocence.”


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