Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 2 (7)

Part 2: The Frozen Snow Melts (7)

Lawrence recently witnessed a strange sight these days as he searched for the Duke who keeps on disappearing had been chasing his wife.

“What are they doing?”

Lawrence asked Mary, who was waiting. But the maid didn’t even know anything.

“I don’t know too.

In the drawing room, the Duke held the tip of his sword to the floor, facing him at the other side of the table, and a few steps away, the Duchess continued to talked.

“Magic exists, there is magic. It’s not just a fairy tale.”

“Yes, you’re like a fairy tale fairy, because you’re really exists.”

The Duke smiled and laughed and replied all over.

“That’s not it. It’s magic, it’s magic.”

“Yes, it’s magical that you married me.”

“It’s not magical, it’s magic.”

“Yes, it’s magic that you’ve married me. It God’s blessing.”

It was awkward to hear. And the content of the conversation was quite strange. However, the couple exchanged a word very seriously about each other’s roles.

“I’m so glad you told me, but it’s more magical than that. I don’t know what to do at all.”

“Yes, the magic is against the beauty of the womb, I have been married, you have married me.”

The sweet Duke’s voice gave Lawrence goose bumps and his ears felt rotten. Lawrence could not wait to and see any more of it, so he gave up the documents he had brought in to get approval from him. I stayed up all night trying to re-create documents that my boss did not see, but now I saw them, I had better give up. He muttered to the maid.

“You have worked hard and suffer many hardship.”

“Thank you, ma’am.”

Mary greeted Lawrence as he returned, hiding her troubled expression, waiting for the bizarre, friendly conversation between the host and his wife. He pointed his forehead as he hurried away from the parlor.


It was a sunny day. Erin was walking in the garden with Mary. But her eyes met the Duke, who was standing by the window of the office looking out. Waving her hand in joy. The Duke, beckoning to wait, ran out in no time. He went to take a walk together.

“Lex, you look tired. Are you okay?”

“I didn’t sleep well.”

“Then why don’t you keep your eyes close for a moment? I was going to read the book anyway.”

“I don’t want to sleep with a Songbird around.”

When she saw the chair with the parasol on it and suggested that they rest for a while, the Duke nodded back.

Erin smiled grinning at him as he sat close to me. I had a big body and I was pretty with her when I could not feel a little bit of hitting her.

“Mary, can you get me a pillow?”

When Erin directed, he shook his head.

“I’d like to lay on your knees.”

“Wouldn’t you be uncomfortable?”

“It’s okay, because your feathers are soft.”

Erin put his head on her thigh, silently resting on her thigh. It was an was a shameless act without any discomfort in front of the employees, but they  become accustomed to the love affair of the couple.

“By the way Lex, Is there anything to call me other than a Songbird?”

“Why, do you hate it?”

“I don’t think I’m a good match for a bird.”

“It suits you well, small, cute, pretty and dense. Of course, you are much more beautiful than a bird, but I can’t deny that you have brought me spring in my life.”

“Do you really think so?”

“Yes, I swear on my soul.”

No, Lex. Your soul didn’t seem to think so at all. He doesn’t like me.

Erin rebutted in, but smiled and trimmed the duke’s hair. The light of gray hair was beautiful, shining in silver in the sun. After a while, the sound of breathing sounded evenly, indicating the Duke had fallen asleep. She started to read a book so that his face would be shaded.


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