Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 2 (6)

Part 2: The Frozen Snow Melts (6)

She fumbled cautiously and reassured herself to confirm that she was wearing a bedclothes. As the man she loved turned into someone else with hostility and she was defenseless, her hands trembled with fear of instinct. But she can’t move nor  can’t lie down pretending she don’t know, Erin was troubled. She felt like a prey on the big feet of an angry lion.

‘Mo, you have to leave the room with an enemy you don’t know.’

“Ahhh, did you wake up?”

When she stood up from her seat, awkwardly stretching, pretending to yawn, the Duke followed, raised her body and commanded ferociously.

“Damn it. Don’t look at me.”


She turned her head reflexively in anger, and the Duke threw the sheet over her. Her eyes met him through a gap or crack that covered her head roughly.

Erin, who had flipped the fluttering sheet, had to sit down as if she were trapped. Well, she don’t think the Duke will make this good opportunity and slice her with a sword? Terrified, she shuddered and noticed that the seat was clear.

A bright light poured in from the dark field of view.

“Good morning?”

The sun-drenched Duke flashed her a sparkling eyes and asked her affectionately. Erin was surprised and opened her mouth.

She saw a magic miracle. The angry lion under the bogie seemed to have encountered the magic of turning into a cute dog as the cloth was lift up out of her head..

Erin shouted, with her arms wide open, hugging his neck.

“Magic, no, magic is great!”

“Huh? Did you dream of being a wizard?”

The Duke, no, asked Lex, patting her tangled hair affectionately.

 “It’s not a dream.”

“Yes, what if you’re  still in a dream? Come on, come back to reality. That’s not how you do things, it should be like this and that with me.” 


She felt his slang touch, touching the neckline and the collarbone that had been revealed outside of the Sheet. As she leaned over his shoulder, the Duke licked her lips and smiled.

As he swiped a shattered gray hair around her neck, he leaned his head in her hands, shrugged, snarled and growled. The cold light disappeared in his eyes, and only the hot flames filled him, and he overflowed. He was different from the previous one.

‘Yes, I can’t believe it, but your going to be mean again.’

While she was in a daze, he rubbed her head into her hands and clasped her lower body as if the Duke had asked for permission. As she felt his solid body, Erin pretended to be unable to win, and drew with her fingertips, from his smooth nose to his thick red lips, and then smiled.

“You shouldn’t bite my throat when you kiss me with such beautiful lips.”


“I’m giving up my life.”

“Your life? Okay, I’ll try hard enough to feel different when in heaven. “

“Uh, that’s not what I’m saying. I’m always so happy with you. I mean, ah!”

“Lex. Because it’s Lex.”

His lips, correcting the title, bit her neck very lightly. For a moment, she was so nervous that she got goosebumps.


Lex, perhaps feeling her tense body, looked down, with both hands resting over her head. His face was clearly marked by a mixture of  worry and anxiety.

Erin believed in him and tried to give him strength. The Duke kissed her forehead, dangling at her ear like a horse.

“It’s too fast to carry it? How about this one?”

“Oh, Lex!”


“Oh, this feeling is so good.”

Feeling a soft, affectionate caress, Erin relaxed.

How long it took.

Erin, who ate the sweet fruit of the whole country he picked, was embraced in his arms. Then she gazed at the Duke, who seemed to be loving her, constantly touching her, as if he was in love with her and she thought at the idea that came to mind.

‘I guess I’m getting used to it because I keep going through it too. Well, then, isn’t it possible that your Highness will also go?’



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