Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 2 (5)

Part 2: The Frozen Snow Melts (5)

That’s why the servants are not mean to her. He slept through his tongue, knowing well the origin of a duchess who was like a maid.

Not only did the wife break away from the Duke but also from the regular aristocrat’s. Apart from having a strong relationship with maids, they sometimes didn’t win. But the Duke never thought of teaching her the teachings of Nobles way. Rather, she was pure and cute, and even encouraged her behavior openly.

When your wife goes out in person in party, she will realize how much she’s been doing irrational action, and she has no taste for the ladies’ hobbies. You’d be lucky to go out like that and not be humiliated? 

No, but why are you so eager to get to that reason? I’m going to try to get rid of it. 

Strangely unable to take his eyes off the Duchess, who was rubbing against the floor, Rowan drew a fleeting dream.

“Oh, boy!”

His mistress screamed low and wrapped the net. Astonished, he hurried out of the door and looked closely. Lawrence, who had been standing in the wood-covered rain, was stabbed by a thorn that sprang up at broom handle, and Lawrence stopped for a moment to watch her. Because someone yelled for the whole castle to rise.

“My Songbird! Did you cut your wings?!”

It was the Duke who jumped out of the house.

Didn’t you just have a very serious look on your face?

There is still the Duke’s voice in his ear, which is eerily low, and another voice looking for the wings of the Songbird is mixed surprisingly.

The flying Duke rushed into the mansion with his wife in his arms.

As the peacock roared in with his wife, the maids rushed in to bring the medicine. Calling everyone out. The house soon became noisy.

Lawrence, who was trying to call out his Majesty, backtracked under the pressure of their spirit. The Duchess, who was hugged by the Duke’s arms, blushed and said, “It’s okay,” but no one heard it wiht the Duke around her.

The butler, Benjamin Kufen, who came out of the uproar, looked at Lance and muttered, looking well worth knowing.

“It’s too different than before.”

At first glance, he spoke in a critical tone, but his eyes showed joy. The butler was one of those who feared and worried about the Duke’s Icy cold Heart.

‘What’s changed is it the Duke or a ducal house.’

Ever since she came to the castle, the body of an ice-cold and noble Duke has melted along his master character.

But whatever, he couldn’t help but admit it. Still, it was strangely addictive for the duke to care only for his wife. Now not only the peacock, but everyone in the castle, even himself, was being controlled by the ‘Duchess.’

Now, the castle was not deserted without its owner, nor was it a castle that resembled its former owner, which used to be as cold as the midwinter. The spring breeze stirred by the Duchess in the castle became warmer day by day. And sometimes volatile breeze like the cold snap of a flower.

Lawrence, who was hit with a bone-chilling sword wind by himself, looked down at the report in his hand with grudging eyes and moved on in vain.


As soon as Erin woke up, she closed her eyes again, surprised by the gaze that came upon her.

When there was no sign anything, she peered at him slightly. Sitting languidly against the head of the bed, with only a thin gown, he was gazing at her shrewdly. The Duke didn’t say anything, even though he might have seen her awake.

She shivered as if she had a chill, in his eyes that felt stark. Her magic had obviously been unraveled. But why is he just staring at her?


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