Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 2 (4)

Part 2: The Frozen Snow Melts (4)

At her words he paused and asked. Even the sword was thrown on the floor. Did my truth work? Erin had the courage to answer it. 

“Yes, magic made you fall in love with me.”

The peacock frowned and rebuked her with a low voice.

“It’s not magic, it’s my heart, my Songbird.”

Lex, my Songbird? She blinked with surprise. It was the first time she have ever been so happy with that fowl nickname. Now I saw his eyes glistening.

Are you back? Are you really back? Erin rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand and checked again.The eyes of the Duke were visible, as the tears came, she noticed that the Duke’s eyes were bright.

“Erin? Are you okay?”

She stared at his face without even looking at his eyes. Her clothes were torn, but fortunately her body did not seem hurt.

She took a step closer with great relief and clasped his hand.

“Please let me hold on. Our first meeting was terrible, but everything was unbelievable or coincidental. I believe that the estate can only be a coincidence.”

“Well, then.”

Despite his expressionless face, the Duke nodded, waving his head up and down.

‘No, I’m not talking to you.’

Erin blinked and listened to his words, staring into his eyes and giving strength to his words.

“All right, Your Majesty? There is nothing I can do because I do not really know. Can’t you just accept what happened?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, but call me Lex-“

“I have to tell you now!”


“Your Majesty! Please believe me.”

As she opened her eyes, the Duke frowned and pulled her head off. Erin insisted on her innocence by grasping him for a long time that he didn’t understand what she meant. She could not tell the magic story directly to Say, so she said it roundly, but stressed her ignorance as best she could. 

‘Are you listening, Your Highness? Please remember later.’

Erin held the Duke all morning, repeating and repeating the same words.

“Believe me, yes? Come on, by all means! “


“Your Majesty, are you looking for anything?”

Lawrence Rezil, a senior aide who had searched the castle after hearing the documents needs to be approved, found the duke in an unexpected location. With his arms folded, he was looking down at the window of the empty room on the second floor. When he asked, the Duke did not look back and answered.



What is reason? The reason he knew was correct and rational, but it was more than a year since he came out of the mouth of the Duke. Are you looking at the garden, is it also a flower name? No, Münlai should have done better than to say the name of the flower. Now, I do not know what is wrong with me.

Lawrence agonized alone and gave up and quietly pushed the payment papers. The Duke, however, cut his eyes off the outside of the window.

“Do it again.”


There was much to say, but a low voice was everywhere. When Lawrence looked at his face carefully, he looked so unhappy that he would hit a chidogon if his frowned eyes were touched incorrectly.

Lawrence responded by judging rationally.

“Yes, I understand.”

Lawrence, who had not been refused the payment documents, increased his work and walked down the corridor to the office.

Lawrence walked down the hall to his office, he who had not been refused for payment documents, with his work piled up, because he was not allowed to sign the documents.

Suddenly, Lawrence wondered what the Duke had been watching for so long. Under the room where the duke was located, he went down to the first floor and looked out at the window, and he saw the Duchess right there. She didn’t care if her clothes was dirty, she was rubbing herself up on the road in the handmade garden. By her side, the maid became contemplative, and every otherwise she was trying to clean the Duchess  again everytime she move..

“My Mistress, can’t you stop? “

“No, you have to discipline your mind and get rid of your fears.”

“Please just  count some numbers or draw a painting.”

“I don’t know how to do that. Cleaning is best for mental training. “

“It’s a big deal if his Majesty saw you.”

“It’s okay. I checked that he was in the office. And this is the area where he can’t see me.  And i’ll tell you well, don’t worry.”


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