Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 2 (3)

Part 2: The Frozen Snow Melts (3)

“Le …. Lex …. I’m scared ….”

She just mumbled like a spell in a terrible trembling voice. 

‘Why teach me the nickname. ‘

As a child, his mother’s given nickname to him came out of her mouth, and he sank in an instant. Even though the sword was still in her hands, he quickly faded to live in the absurdity and bewilderment.

He still wanted to try this woman until the end. He was careful not to revive his other self, but he gave his hand strength and pushed as far as he could. The tip of the slippery sword came to her side.

“Uh -“

She looked down at her sword, her eyes open with a pale-white face. She began to plead with him, even though she was shaking and trembling, whether she thought she had been stabbed by a sword.

“Your Highness, I didn’t really do it. I don’t know anything. Please believe me.”

Rowan frowned on her. Why do you insist on innocence when you should rather beg for your life? Do you think I’ll gonna believe you in this situation?

He couldn’t believe anything she said. But he could tell one thing. At least she has no intention of directly harming him. She can’t hurt you with such poor physical strength. Or did she happen to notice that he couldn’t kill her?

He pushed the tip of the sword further, deftly, controlling it from hitting all the way to her. If he hurt her, he was afraid he’d lose his mind. The light sword pierced her clothes and crushed her flesh.

Her lips were crying, and she spewed a sobbing word.

“All I really know is that the magic has been started! When I came to my senses and found that you were already enchanted and married to me. It’s a coincidence that I was there, I swear at my soul!”

It became very difficult to keep the tip of the sword from hitting the flesh because the woman was so excited without even thinking of avoiding it with her body.

By this time, Rowan was suspicious of her intention. The wall was so big that she was intimidated by speculation. However, what was that courageous gaze with him, and a man with a sword and a sword did not meet his gaze, but the will of the slender girl was enormous. So the first time, even before the throat was cut, the woman came and stared straight ahead. Just as her will is more important than her life.

“Lex, Lex. I’m scared……..”

Her tears were rising in her painful green eyes. The sunlight lit up the tears and reflected a twinkle in the eye. As he watched it, his heart was moving again with a loud noise. It was loud enough to tear the eardrum. His instincts are only shouting loudly that he should not do this.

Damn it. He unwittingly pulled his strength out of his hand. It was a shame that the sword fell on the floor. It was the first time in his life he had missed an opportunity with a weapon on his hand.

What’s the point of persuasion! I’m really going to die. I should have just run away and waited until the magic came back, but I was already stabbing him in the dark even if I regretted it belatedly.

Erin couldn’t feel the pain because of being so scared. She was just looking at him in a pitiful way and begging him. She could not even run away. Even if she ran away now, he’d be threatening her again next time, so it was better to be scolded quickly. Perhaps because of the fear of death, tears kept covering her eyes and biting her legs.

Hoping that his dark blue eyes would quickly return to Lex’s sparkling skylight, she simply insisted on innocence. Look straight into the eyes of the reaper. The truth in her eyes will work. Her mother was desperately trying to remind her when she was about to die, it should work.



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