Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 2 (2)

Part 2: The Frozen Snow Melts (2)

“I’m holding a sword, Lex. You have to be careful.”

“I can give my life to get you.”

“You don’t have to give up your life, and don’t take mine away too. Then I’ll see you.”

The Duke hugged her back with a smile.

“Why are you making such a scary joke? What I want is something else.”

“What is it?”

“Your heart, your whole being.”

Erin laughed down and looked into his eyes and spoke seriously.

“No more, I’ve given you all my being now? Now all I have left is my life.”

The Duke, who patted her back in her jokeful confession, suddenly stopped moving. As if the puppet’s strings were broken.

The duke, who did not move, looked at her with only his head turned. The cold gaze gleamed in his eyes.

Perhaps because of her instinct to recognize that something was wrong, Erin felt a chill in run her body.



As soon as he heard the sound of her call, the Duke moved quickly and tried to take  the sword out of her hand. Erin instinctively sprang up with the sword on her hand, leaping up and backing away.

The Duke frowned and stood up, glaring at the sword in her hand. Erin didn’t even think of swinging the sword, so he stretched forward at the thought of distancing herself from him.

“Don’t come anytime closer! “

The Duke stared blankly at her, as if wearing a mask. No. His face was just smiling. His smile was off,’ his expression and eyes slept in his enemies. Those indifferent expressions and hostile eyes that had taken off their smiles were always appallingly cold.

She cried as if she were begging.

“Listen to me, please!”

“Ha, no one survived that way by pointing a sword at me. “

But the Duke snorted and took a step closer to her. Erin who was frightened, stooped back and stepped back, raising her sword.

When he saw the sword pointing at him, Rowan felt his life boiling. Why is it that when it comes to this. Before he could even realized it, his body reacted reflexively to the sword. From a young age, he was brainwashed to react to weapons, so he had the only instinct to take away the sword, like a toy in her trembling hand.

As he stepped in, Erin raised her sword in quickly. It was stupid. If she had stabbed him, she would have been not able to make time to cover her body, and she was going to expose herself to him in an insufficient way.

Rowan aimed at her neck and tried to move himself lightly. Erin swung her sword and shouted low.

“Oh, don’t come! “

But he stopped, trying to take a step forward. The woman who wanted to stab the sword toward him was just sticking out the sword towards her.

It also holds the blade with both hands and turns the handle upside down towards her now she was pointing the blade to herself.

Even though it was a light sword for practice, it seemed too much to lift it with a large bend, probably because of the heavy handle compared to the wooden sword.

“What are you doing?”

Rowan squinted his eyes and looked at her. Er-in mumbled on her lips while avoiding his gaze.

“Oh, I can’t stab you anyway.”


“I, uh, if I hurt ever you suddenly…. I don’t like to…..”

“Is I on the sword? “

Roan laughed at her, but on the other hand it was embarrassing. The sword was shaking, and it seemed to hurt the hand holding the blade, but she seemed unaware of the pain.

As she took a step back, she closed her eyes with her defenseless exposure.

There was no such thing. It was instinct to try to protect oneself. However, she was strange that she seemed afraid of him, or at least seemed to have no will to defend. Obviously, the work was obvious. Maybe it ‘s not possible to win. Maybe pretending to surrender.

Rowan grabbed the tip of the sword’s handle and pushed it toward her. She could not move her body, even though she could feel the blade swerve through her hand, and she could not see any way or movement to avoid or stop the sword from stabbing into her body.

“Le …. Lex …. I’m scared ….”


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