Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 2 (19)

Part 2: The Frozen Snow Melts (19)

Cain Zevahn glared at the Duke’s tower, which was also seen far beyond the wall surrounding the garden.

“What is so serious?”

The blonde beauty, half-leaned in the chair, leaned into his arms and asked with a nose-to-nose voice. Cain laughed and answer with a smile, stroking her mouth and thinking about.

“Erin Samed. She smelled something familiar. But what’s your relationship with the Duke?’ 

He asked the duke’s entourage who remained there, but he caught up and grabbed them.

From the first time he saw her, she felt somehow ripe. It was like a bouquet of brown-naped flowers, full of curly hair. The appearance of a gentle puppy also stimulated the desire to win. 

When they  met for the second time, Duke Peruka fell in front of them, thinking it was meant to be. He was dumbfounded to be caught in the crossfire, but he was more curious. What is the relationship between the two? 

The Duke, who is rumored to be in a pink romance with his wife, was not even likely to cheat openly with anyone else. It was too tough to treat her as a lover, but to say that it was not close. The Duke, famous for ignoring people, wouldn’t go after anyone and put his hands on them. If it was his character, it was right to tell him to catch them.

But it doesn’t make any sense that he’s in the first place in a romantic relationship. Cain did not believe the rumor about the Duke’s romance. It would be better to discuss the theory of monarchs with horses than to find romance with Duke Peruka. Rather, it was more convincing that it was a strategy of some sort.

“You, have you ever seen the Duchess of Peruka? “

“Oh, Favin’s a hillbilly?”

A blonde woman laughed at Cain’s question, with a curt mouth. A low-ranking aristocrat, she was famous for digging in the back of a high-ranking aristocrat and finding fault with him to fill in her vanity.

“That’s what everybody calls it?”

“She don’t even show your face to society under the pretext of being sick every day, and she just stay inside the castle.”

“She is rumored to be a great beauty.”

“It’s because she married a Duke famous for his single life. But I don’t think she’s that pretty. The Duke himself is not only sleeping with his wife, Peruka people say, i think it is normal?”

“What does it look like?”

“They have brown hair, small green eyes, and a baby face. I really didn’t know that your high-hatted king had such a taste.”

‘Brown hair, green eyes?’

Cain raised himself up at a moment’s notice. A blonde woman was pushed aside in a daze, but he didn’t care.

‘Don’t tell me, she’s–

What if she’s the Duchess? Then why are you always walking around like that? Besides, why is the Duke so rude to his wife? 

Cain frowned at his intuition. 

He was worried because there was not enough information to report to the crown prince, but somehow he hoped that his intuition was not true. It didn’t suit her a young girl to be with the dutiful and cold-hearted duke.

‘I have no choice but to check it out’

Looking down at the woman leaning against him, Cain asked casually.

“Do you want to party? Very grand.”

“Oh, it’s good!”

“Plan a party where the duke has no choice but to come, and I’ll give you a prize.”

The woman got up and ran away with his words. But Cayenne was not looking at her. He slept his tongue watching the Duke’s castle.


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