Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 2 (18)

Part 2: The Frozen Snow Melts (18)

The lowly snarling Duke eyebrow twitched. Erin blinked and whispered without confidence.

“Why not? It’s the word that came out through the mouth of His Highness.”

“You could tell us apart, couldn’t you? You said I didn’t slept with you.”

“…….. Well, yes, I am sorry if I have think too much.”

The Duke tied the knot and looked at her while letting her hands down.

“I believe that magic is not what you did.”

“Why do you say that?”

He had a lot of chances to use lethal force, but he haven’t done anything. Erin was suddenly embarrassed by a duke who did not show any hostility. So she responded to the gibberish without knowing it herself.

“I don’t know. I haven’t done that yet. “

“You do not have to rush it.”

“Morning, right? Thank you for believing in me. “

“It’s dangerous for me to get caught by magic and be caught that I’m out of my mind. The Emperor will rule over with justification to take my position and status. “

The Duke glanced at her and looked out of the greenhouse and spoke.

“So be careful not to do this suspicious thing. This means that you should behave like a duchess so that you don’t have to do anything wrong. “

“Yes, sir, but I think you should do well, double personality or sadie – if you do not look like that.”

Erin, who almost said what he had said during the day, quickly turned her words around as the Duke swung and turned around.

“What do you do with the magic?”

“I’ll let you know in the future.”

“…….. I’m sorry but I do not know anything about magic.”

Her eyes were pitiful looking to the Duke, so Erin was unjust, but she didn’t bother to add. She didn’t want to break the hard-won agreement. 

She smiled awkwardly and snorted.

“I’m going to sleep with my feet stretched out. Honestly, I’ve been scared.”

“Are you scared? Of me?”


“Such a woman is full of energy while leaving backslashes and so enthusiastic in bed-“


Erin closed his mouth without even realizing it, and when the wound was crushed, she screamed low and closed her hands.

“It’s stupid.”

The Duke clutched her shoulder and grabbed her hand and check the knot. And he almost put more pressure on her shoulder than her injured hand by throwing it away.

When the Duke went out without looking back, she looked down at the blood that had fallen on the floor. 

Blood turned hot into the body as the source of life, but it was nothing more than garbage as it came out. It was like her own selfishness. It was a love-filled heart, but when you bring it out, it’s useless, insignificant and dirty.

What if her blood magic was done again? So what will happen to the Duke? You’ve lost your life, you’re only going to have to live as Lex.

Am I really in love with Lex? Or is it just magic that I love?

Though it was a peace that she had barely won, she became heavy-hearted and complicated with guilt rather than joy.


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